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The House of Sakura Subscription Group

Owner: Sakura Bouevier (The House of Sakura)
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The Home Store Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Jez Bookmite (THS - The Home Store)
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The Grove Country Club Estates

Owner: TheGroveSL Resident (The Grove Country Club Estates)
Experience elegant living at The Grove Country Club Estates, Second Life's premier luxury residential community! Choose from prime parcels on this in-demand residential neighborhood! These amazing gated properties offer many amenities, including a Country Club! Live your Second Life in luxury and style.

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The Gentlemen Bastards' Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Skell Dagger (The Gentlemen Bastards)
The Gentleman Bastards Mini-Mall! Furniture, houses, orreries, dungeons, lamps, lanterns, skyboxes, low-prim skyboxes, male newbie starter kit, arbors, fireplaces, gentleman's study, yurt, Gorean servery, freebies... all kinds of stuff for cheap bastards everywhere.

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The Filmore Rock Club Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Vincent Flieg
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The Fashion Loft

Owner: thefashionloft Resident (The Fashion Loft)
Welcome to The Fashion Loft - a place where friends meet, share, style, and LOVE fashion. Models, fashionistas, content creators, bloggers, & photographers are welcome to join. Join to learn more about our events! Like our page on Facebook: Visit us at:
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The Drome Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Eliza Moody (The Drome )

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The Dirty Habit Notice Board

Owner: Emmalondon Kips (The Dirty Habit Club and Friends)
The Dirty Habit Notice Board. This is the easiest way to stay up to date with what's NEW at The Dirty Habit Club, The Rosen Land, and friends. Events, discounts and Freebies :)

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The Curious Seamstress

Owner: Kembri Tomsen (Curious Seamstress)
A group for those who are interested in Curious Seamstress products

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The Cube Republic

Owner: Cube Republic (The Cube Republic)
Plants and landscaping products from Cube Republic.

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The Crones Garden

Owner: Moon Watanabe (The Crones Garden)
Holiday, Garden, Shabby Chic, Antiques. Furnishings, Decor, Rugs, Kitchen, Living Room, Bedroom, Bathroom. Builds and soon to be added clothing.

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the crone subscribeomatic

Owner: December Larkham (the crone)
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The Creative Spark Merchant Group

Owner: TheCreativeSpark Resident
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The Copperfield Connection

Owner: Geos Copperfield (The Copperfield Connection)
To connect with the music of Geos Copperfield. Our goal is to bring the world together into one big circle and sing ourselves to global peace through music. Join our Geo-Centric way of thinking and help change the world today!

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The Copa

Owner: CopaStaffer Resident
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The Clam House

Owner: WinterlynnJacobs Resident
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The Church at Cozy Comforts

Owner: KathyZog Destiny
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Owner: Morakot Resident
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The Cavern Tribute Club

Owner: Wouter Collas (Wouter Collas Tribute Band)
Realistic copy of the Liverpool Cavern Club Mathewstreet. The groupmembers receive invitations to tributes in The Cavern and tributes by the Wouter Collas Tribute Band in SecondLife.

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The Brick/Rayna Fashions/Paco's

Owner: Mariposa Rayna
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The Blue Note Group

Owner: Naydee McGettigan (The Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge)
~*THE HOME OF SL'S ♫Cool Cats♫ !*~ This Group is for The Blue Note Retro Jazz Lounge ~11 YEARS IN SL & STILL SWINGIN'!!!!

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The Black Rose

Owner: October Stand (The Black Rose)
A club for Live music and Karaoke. Offers open mic nights, live venues and karaoke so that RL music can be brought to SL. Owned by three RL musicians with over 30 yrs experience together. Classy place with great music and great people.

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The Black Diamond

Owner: Joe5284 Resident (The Black Diamond)
The Black Diamond is a premier Live Music Venue bringing you the best live singers in Second Life.

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The Bashful Peacocks In-the-Know

Owner: Rudolfo Woodget
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The Balut Runway HUD Message Center

Owner: Monica Balut
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The Apocalyptic Farmers 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: AmayaElessar Resident (The Apoclyptic Farmer)
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The 1st Question Group Notice

Owner: robwag Soothsayer
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TGAFULLmarket Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: TGAFULLmarket Resident
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Tempting Elegance

Owner: Angie Trefusis
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Temptations Update Goup

Owner: Titania Bracken (Mrs.)
Temptations is a "mature" club offering lots of adult fun. The update group will provide you with news, events, special offers, freebies etc.

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