Subscribe-o-Matic pricing plans

How to start: Get our package, which contains everything you need to start using Subscribe-O-Matic. Our basic plan is completely free and allows you to have a group with up to 500 members. To purchase, renew or upgrade a paid subscription plan, please use one of the ATMs at our Second Life location.

Below you will find listings of different plans we are currently offering. Our goal was to make them affordable and sufficient for any type of use, whether it be a magazine being distributed across the grid each month, a designer releasing new products daily, or a business just getting started.

Plan Max Members Messages Kiosks Price per month
Free 500 Unlimited Unlimited Free!
Advanced 1000 Unlimited Unlimited L$1,990
Business 2500 Unlimited Unlimited L$2,990
Non-profit * Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Free!

For more information about Subscribe-O-Matic subscription plans and pricing, please contact us.

Note: Prices are per month and are based on the L$ / US$ exchange rate. They may be changed any time in the future, or in case of any significant changes to L$ / US$ exchange rate. Current prices are in effect since March 9th, 2009.

*In addition to our Free plan, which has a 500 member limit, we also offer free Unlimited subscription plans for non-profit organizations and groups on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information about obtaining a non-profit subscription.