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X04YH Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: X04YH Resident
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Curve Appeal

Owner: EvaLee Delwood (Curve Appeal)
Full Perm Merchant Resource Shop

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Tylar Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Tylar Resident (TYLAR'S TREASURES)
Subscriber group for TYLAR'S TREASURES. This group will be used to share information and inventory (gifts).

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Kingswood Store & Gacha Market

Owner: Andya8 Dunner
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ShenaniganS Music Cafe

Owner: Lyndka Cochrane (ShenaniganS Music Cafe)
THE group for ShenaniganS Music Cafe. We're open for live music daily from 10am SLt but come and wander whenever you choose.

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The Lounge ~Jazz Club

Owner: BJ Mefusula (The Lounge @ Hotgates)
The best jazz ALL the time ~

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cafe Nap O-Matic

Owner: Snowshower Resident
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The Curious Seamstress

Owner: Kembri Tomsen (Curious Seamstress)
A group for those who are interested in Curious Seamstress products

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Faddism Kids Blogger Subscriber

Owner: ItalyMonroe Resident
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Antique Grid Show

Owner: Saraphen Resident (Antique Grid Show)
Grid-wide group bringing antique, vintage, and historical sales, hunts and events to the residents of SecondLife

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Kennedy's Morph Photography

Owner: Kennedy Fairlane (Kennedy's Pageant Portrait Studio & Boutique)
Visit the STUDIO anytime for free GIFTS and appointments via notecard to my mailbox at the front desk.

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Forever Chimera

Owner: Miranda Kroll
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Blossom Morgath 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Blossom Morgath (✰ Dreams ☪ ™ Dance Club)
✰ Dreams ☪ is a dance club with great music to dance to, cuddle to and get really close to that someone special. It has been recreated for the romantically inclined. You'll meet the most amazing people in SL, enjoy some intelligent and sometimes hilarious conversation. This club was created for you, and it always will be!

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[ Scarpenia ] - G.b.D.

Owner: giar Baddingham ([ Scarpenia ] - G.b.D.)
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Attitude is an Artform Mailing List

Owner: Heceta Demina (Attitude is an Artform)
Since 2007, A&A brings you custom fantasy mesh and beautiful roleplay gear! Clothing, Armor, Human, Anthro, Furry, Demons, Fauns, jewelry, silks and fantasy fashion. Serene forest lands around store. Art Gallery coming soon...

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Owner: Cierra Laville
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Beyond Persuasion design subscriber

Owner: Nathaniel Pawpad (Beyond Persuasion Design)
Clothing, skin, shoes and much more for Men, women & petites

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{Akorat} Update information

Owner: Reliure Resident
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VooDoo Lounge Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: tallblonde Resident
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jinnilli Messinez 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: jinnilli Messinez (jinnilli'M)
Formal, Casual, Bridal & Bespoke Clothing. Live Music Events At The Grand Auster Ballroom & Falcao's Orangery.

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A Little Bit of Vince

Owner: Vince Ruissatel
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Apt B's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: AptB Resident (Apt B)
Apt B // Original mesh furniture store

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Ktahdn's Caravan

Owner: Ktahdn Vesuvino
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LadyBanksRose Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: LadyBanksRose Resident
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Starport Omega

Owner: Kim Uriza (Starport Omega)
The SL Sector's Nexus for progressive and classic rock. All species welcome. SL's finest rock is brought to you by Starport Omega and Space Pirate Radio. Warning: beware of Space Pirates!

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Paul's Rhythm Section

Owner: Neo Christenson
This group is for the fans of Paul Neo Christenson, a fantastic live singer here in SL. All information about event times and locations will be sent through this group so if you would like to be a part of the magic that is Neo keep your eyes on this group.

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Temple of the Heavens SC

Owner: Libra Topaz (SC Temple of Isis)
The Temple of Isis is the Sacred space dedicated to Isis on the Sacred Cauldron Sim. This group exists to keep everyone updated about events, chats, and rituals happening in the TOI.

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Evo Mystical Creatures subscribe group

Owner: clippetyclop Resident (Evo Mystical Creatures)
EVO Breeding CO. - Breeding Pets Website - Facebook Group -
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Kat & Mouse Subscribo

Owner: Kat Feldragonne
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JaeSands Resident 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: JaeSands Resident (Jae Sands)
Friends of Jay Sands is a group which keeps up with the shows of Jae Sands with notices of up coming dates, times and venue dress.If you haven't already Please join us us be a a part of the "Rat Pack".

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