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Sent 1 week, 3 days ago

Attachment: Graceful Curves Kayla for Lel Ora
Graceful Curves proud to bring you Kayla, a stunning shape for Lel ORa. Exclusive to WIP event opening 2nd August, come grab a demo in world or go to WIP once it opens.

Sent on 7/7/22

Attachment: (none)
Graceful Curves - not a store update but just to let folks know the Maze Soft Thighs are now also out for Maitreya Lara!.. so if you already bought some grab a redelivery (if its not sent...


Sent on 3/7/22

Attachment: *Graceful Curves* Shop n Hop event
Graceful curves - Last few days to get your discounted shapes at The Shop n Hop event!!!... go grab a bargain or check out our exclusive release there Eden for Lel. Ora


Sent on 3/7/22

Attachment: Iona Promo Shot Graceful Curves
Graceful Curves at WIP Event proud to announce Iona shape for Lel avalon and various bodies. Go to WIP or call in store for a demo Also in store Gina shape for Lel Ora !!!


Sent on 21/6/22

Attachment: *Graceful Curves* Shop n Hop event
Graceful Curves - Don't forget to come visit us at Shop n Hop for the exclusive shape Eden for Lel Ora plus discounted shapes! Lots of other stores there over multiple sims with gifts galore!


Sent on 16/6/22

Attachment: *Graceful Curves* Shop n Hop event
Graceful Curves are proud to be at Shop and Hop event.. this HUGE evenet spans several sims. Come find us for discounted shapes as well as the exclusive release Eden for Lelutka Ora.. xx


Sent on 11/6/22

Attachment: graceful_curves_advert_Hollyfullad
NEW - Graceful Curves - Holly shape for Genus W001 Classic. She's a beauty!! Now in store or on Marketplace

Sent on 5/6/22

Greaceful Curves at WIP Event - wander along and try out our gorgeous shape Gina for Lelutka Ora!.. She is a stunner for sure. Coming soon... Graceful Curves is at Shop n Hop!!! WOOOT


Sent on 2/6/22

Attachment: graceful_curves_advert_Gina
Now at WIP Graceful Curves - Gina shape for Lelutka Ora and various bodies. Go along and try a demo today !, she's a hotty...

Sent on 1/6/22

Attachment: Graceful Curves - Shapes for the realistic woman *NEW*
Graceful Curves - We are proud to bring you in store the Davina shape for Lelutka Milan head . Also coming to WIP event is Gina for Lel Ora head, demo available in store! Come on over and try it...


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