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SaraMarie Philly's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: SaraMarie Philly
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Cafe Musique Live

Owner: layasugarplumsalt Resident (Cafe Musique Live Music )
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!!! L+N Signature Design and Fashion !!!

Owner: brgn Halberstam
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HammerFla's Sunset Group

Owner: HammerFla Magic (HammerFla's Sunset Group)
Singer, Entertainer. Over 2,750 Performances in SL. Thanks to my wonderful group members and my fantastic venue owners. Join this group to get notices of my show times.

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YoU By GeMyles Group

Owner: Myles Harvy (YoU By GeMyles)
♔ Latest releases/offers/event news Now You by GeMyles - incorporating [MH] Coutre By Design and The GeMyles Beach Resorts. Affordable Colourchange Female Couture & Footwear. Casual, Street, Urban, Formalwear & Footwear for all body types. * FitMesh * Maitreya * Physique * Hourglass * Venus * Isis *Freya * eBody * Curvy * Fine * Pulpy * Slim * TMP * Classic* Appliers*

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Banana Mellow 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Banana Mellow
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Colour Of Whispers

Owner: Whisper Ampan
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Critterqueen Auction Notifications Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: CRITTERQUEEN Resident (Wolf Creek Ranch)
Freelance auctioneer for Amaretto Horses, ABC Horses, Tigers, Krafties, Amaretto Dogs and more.

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Surfside Hideaway

Owner: Desirae Beaumont (Surfside Hideaway)
An unique venue, nestled on a plateau between the Chi volcano and overlooking the surfing beach on Tai. With Live music and DJ shows. Your hangout and surf place.

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Friends of ~*Unity*~

Owner: pet Karu
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Idle Rogue

Owner: chryblnd Scribe
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Blushed Creations Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Blush Bravin (Blushed Creations)
Blushed Creations offers a wide variety of products both in-world and in the Marketplace. Blushed has a rather eclectic collection of jewelry, applier lingerie and mesh cottages.

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Senjata's Gig-A-Majig

Owner: Senjata Witt
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nils Tomorrow's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: nils Tomorrow
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!Drakke! Designs Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Mandrakke Dagger (!Drakke! Designs)
Finest quality, highly detailed boots from ankle to thigh high, mens and womens, for all your moods. "If you aren't wearing Drakke Designs.... You don't look as HOT as you could!!"

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Noveny Store

Owner: LetovD Resident (Noveny Store)
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Baz's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: avantgarde Frequency
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Owner: AliceAnn Alter (Lamp*Light)
A group for fans of the Lamp*Light items and brand. Take care and enjoy!

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{EM} & * MM * Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Gothicmuse Resident (Eclectic Muse & Maker's Muse)
Customer update group for Eclectic Muse & Maker's Muse

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L2 Studio Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Lindini2 Lane (L2 Studio)
L2 Studio is a small house shop.

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Phemie Alcott 's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Phemie Alcott
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Yasyn's Odds and Ends Updates

Owner: Yasyn Azemus (Yasyn's Odds and Ends Updates)
Yasyn Azemus' personal shop since July 13th, 2011. Quality hair, prefabs, and other colorful things made here. :)

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Fantasy2u Deere's FLY High Radio

Owner: Fantasy2u Deere
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Owner: Sandra Kaufmann (SaCaYa - STORE)
Welcome and enjoy your visit by SaCaYa - STORE (◕‿◕♥) ♥Made With Love♥ is our motto & Group Members get of all NEW products 50% OFF. PlantPets,Home&Garden,Furnitures,Decoration,Footwear,Fashion,Accessoires,Animals,Skellys,Zombies,Muffin Milker

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Chillee's Peppas

Owner: chillee Hernandoz
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Whole-Brain Health Fairgrounds

Owner: Lissena Resident (Whole-Brain Health Fairgrounds)
Th Fairgrounds offers special monthly events as well as ongoing activities open to all. These are based on research about holistic lifestyle choices that can positively impact brain health and total well being.

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Moon Spark's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Moon Spark
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Rebel Yell Concerts Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Lestat Zalivstok (REBEL YELL CONCERTS)
EXPERIENCE THE MOST REALISTIC SHOWS IN SL! awsome stages, great visual effects and umbelivable look-alike avatars, come join us and see the difference. LET US ROCK YOUR WORLD !!

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Blue Lagoon Club's Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Colin Scientist (Music Lovers @ Blue Lagoon)
The Blue Lagoon Club has several venues for musical events and places to chill-out and enjoy the music, dance, meet with other friends, relax on the beach, or enjoy swimming, kayaking and other water sports on the lagoon. Harmony Castle also has an art gallery. The music will be varied but with a particular emphasis on classical music. Join to hear about our events.

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inKdependent 2

Owner: Acqua Aria
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