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The SOAR Pandemonium

Owner: Libby Dollinger
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The SEA HOLE - updates for SEA mates!

Owner: Drinkinstein Sorbet (The sea Hole)
The sea hole updates for sea mates is a fun way to get exclusive freebies from drinkinsteins sea hole, as well as keeping up on all the latest skins, fashions,& home & garden items from the Hole!

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The Rayne District

Owner: Ashlyn Darkheart (The Rayne District )
The Rayne District - Home of Amazing Live DJ'S as well as some of The Hottest Live Performers in SL!! Friendly Staff and Friendly Guest! We all hang out and just have a good time chatting and enjoying good company. The Tunes are always on Point!!

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The R(S)W Circle

Owner: Robin Sojourner
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The Primgraph

Owner: Eloisa Denimore
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The Pony Store

Owner: Eversky Aeon (The Pony Store)
The Pony Store is an ecclectic outlet for SL pony needs, ranging from trinkets to pregnancy tummies for horse avatars.

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The Phoenix Dance Team

Owner: SouthernComfort Magic
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The Noblesse Club

Owner: CassieNytefyre Resident (The Noblesse Club )
The Noblesse's mission is to create a unique space for everyone, a safe space where everyone feels welcomed, and to connect people worldwide through music. La misión de Noblesse es crear un espacio único para todos, un espacio seguro donde todos se sientan bienvenidos y conectar con personas de todo el mundo a través de la música.

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The Nettesters

Owner: Lannette Resident
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The NeoVictoria Announcer

Owner: Asil Ares (The NeoVictoria Project)
The NeoVictoria Project® exists in several places: 1) our public website at; 2) a separate community portal that chronicles the storyworld (membership required); and 3) the live action simulation in Second Life. This is a dark roleplay simulation crafted for mature players. +++++++About the Project++++++++ NeoVictoria is a unique steampunk roleplay platform that brings creative people together in a...

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The Mystic Muse Subscriber

Owner: TheeMysticMuse Resident
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The Mumbling Goat's subscriber

Owner: TheMumblingGoat Resident (The Mumbling Goat)
Live Music & hangout with boating on the beautiful historic Sea of Fables.

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The Leopard Lounge Subscriber!

Owner: BrendaLee Fredriksson (The Leopard Lounge!)
The Leopard Lounge is beautiful, classy club with a hint of early to mid 1900's seediness...just a little bit of steampunk and ritz mixed in for good measure! Come dance in the elegant ballroom, hangout in the comfy lounge, have a drink at the bar or relax on the veranda. Stay tuned for LIVE musicians and other talent! Contact us for special event planning, weddings and parties :)
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The Johnathan Hiess Project VIP Group

Owner: Softail Silvercloud (Johnathan Hiess Project)
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The Jewell Theatre

Owner: Dorian Cao
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The Hummingbird, Tenby

Owner: CharlieCooper Resident (The Hummingbird)
A relaxed beach club on the beautiful Tenby North Beach in second Life. Adult sim. British and Euro retro themed music and more. Fridays and Sundays are "Adult Day" with Dancers and the Adult Formal Ball. BDSM friendly

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The House of Sakura Subscription Group

Owner: Sakura Bouevier (The House of Sakura)
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The Hiess Experience

Owner: Qwirky Snoodle (The Hiess Experience)
Umbrella group includes Johnathan Hiess Project Tribute Band Center Stage Musicals Spotlight Comedy

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The Guvnor's

Owner: simon30london Resident (The Guvnors)
Clubbing is a party every night. We slip in among the crowd, a bee line for the bar. A whiskey later I'm ready to move with the music, hands in the air, body moving like an uncoiling rope, eyes on fire. The joy is like a shot of adrenaline to the heart and all at once I'm moving, one with the music, one with every crazy person dancing in this place.

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The Grove Country Club Estates

Owner: TheGroveSL Resident (The Grove Country Club Estates)
Experience elegant living at The Grove Country Club Estates, Second Life's premier luxury residential community! Choose from prime parcels on this in-demand residential neighborhood! These amazing gated properties offer many amenities, including a Country Club! Live your Second Life in luxury and style.

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The Gentlemen Bastards' Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Skell Dagger (The Gentlemen Bastards)
The Gentleman Bastards Mini-Mall! Furniture, houses, orreries, dungeons, lamps, lanterns, skyboxes, low-prim skyboxes, male newbie starter kit, arbors, fireplaces, gentleman's study, yurt, Gorean servery, freebies... all kinds of stuff for cheap bastards everywhere.

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The Filmore Rock Club Subscribe-O-Matic

Owner: Vincent Flieg
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The Fashion Loft

Owner: thefashionloft Resident (The Fashion Loft)
Welcome to The Fashion Loft - a place where friends meet, share, style, and LOVE fashion. Models, fashionistas, content creators, bloggers, & photographers are welcome to join. Join to learn more about our events! Like our page on Facebook: Visit us at:
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The Dive Shop Updates & Events

Owner: Cilian McCullough
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The Discord Experts

Owner: Peter Stindberg (The Discord Experts)
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The Dirty Habit Notice Board

Owner: Emmalondon Kips (The Dirty Habit Club and Friends)
The Dirty Habit Notice Board. This is the easiest way to stay up to date with what's NEW at The Dirty Habit Club, The Rosen Land, and friends. Events, discounts and Freebies :)

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The Cube Republic

Owner: Cube Republic (The Cube Republic)
Plants and landscaping products from Cube Republic.

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The CrackerJACKS - Jack Dryden

Owner: Johnnycash Stromfield (Dryden)
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The Cover Girls Band

Owner: CoyBlitz Resident (Sound Stage Magazine )
Sound Stage Magazine is SLs Guide to all Entertainment. Find Clubs, Venues, Live Singers, Live DJs, Tribute Concerts and much more related to SLs music Entertainment. Bi-Monthly

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The Cove Kids Event Subscription

Owner: Kael SecretSpy
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