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 thomas Etzel
 Wed, Jun 19th 2019, 11:25
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12pm High noon at the Jitterbug, outside show today..LISA BRUNE LIVE AT THE JITTERBUG!(outside show) Lisa arrived in Second Life out of curiosity and since 2009 she listens and discovers artists who are making the treasures of the live performances in SL. Lisa started to sing in world in 2011. She was invited in venues from different communities (french, italian, norwegian, german, american). She sings mainly covers but Lisa keeps writing personal tunes as she did with "Dry tears", "Mon intru", "Silence"... The selection of songs is guided by crushes and meanings of lyrics. It is difficult to give a precise style with Lisa. The only common thread is the pleasure of the musical vibrations that she attempts to share with a voice full of emotion. Casual please!!!!!!