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 Cheyenne Core
 Sun, Sep 24th 2017, 08:52
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 TSO Tribute Show ~ Info HUD [wear me] NC 2017

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TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA TRIBUTE NOON SLT TODAY! In a castle far away, a silent soul awaits, asleep in the misty shadows of the night. The faint wail of guitars can be heard in the stillness of the night. Slowly, the soul awakens and the sound of music fills the air. The signature sound of a legendary band echoes far and wide, beckoning all who would listen, to this strange castle. The drawbridge lowers, the line of people slowly cross into a different realm. This is Nightcastle. Knights guard the only path to follow which takes you towards a throne.. Are you worthy? Is your soul strong enough to take that step? Can you resist the music you feel in your heart? Take the leap, for we are here to catch you. You are safe in our dungeon, for the music is the key to your freedom.