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 Thu, Apr 27th 2017, 17:29
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Sidhe Circus ~ Part 5: Truth Revealed Thursday, 27 April at 6 PM: Sidhe Circus, Part 5 Call is 5:30 to check on our props, etc. Due to the bitter rivalry between the two performers, it was assumed Annabelle orchestrated Estrella’s death. However, on examination by Dr. Akai, the twins are uncovered for the fiends they are and Annabelle is exonerated. Roleplay begins at 6 PM; our call is 5:30 PM so we can check our props, etc. NOTE: Everyone is welcome to RP; the "required" characters are the ones we need to be sure the storyline moves as desired. Players: Ringmaster Cheeto Flambe (played by SaberBadkatt) Annabelle, Tightrope Artist (played by LucindaJane) The Dancings Twins (played by QuarkZen & DaraDoll) Strong-woman Contantina Brocktree (played by Tarquinn Juggling Solo Act (played by Paisley) Magician & Assistant (played by MadMecha and Paisley) Amalia the Soothsayer (played by Hmmmph) Doctor Seito Akai (Akai Scorpio)