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 Tsukimi Warwillow
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 *Ichigo Ichie* Wares for Tea Ceremony
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Update group for Ichigo Ichie, based out of Pontocho Hanamachi. We sell Japanese tea ceremony items. Authentic historical recreations, personal collections, and decorative items. Please join for free items, requests, and information about Chanoyu - the Japanese Tea Ceremony.

Recent messages

Sent on 25/3/20

Attachment: hangetsu - *ichigo ichie* 2020
*ichigo ichie* has moved...we are now setting up in hangetsu. best wishes to all <3


Sent on 22/12/18

Attachment: *ii* toshokugu (japanese candle)
Konbanwa, minna-san! It's Tsukimi from *ichigo ichie*. It's the longest night of the year...let's have a night time tea gathering! Please enjoy this tradtional Japanese style candle and holder for...


Sent on 16/6/17

Attachment: Genre - Eastern Asia http://genreinsl.wordpress.com
The Genre event is open...we do hope you'll visit the ichigo ichie booth. Landmark attached!


Sent on 29/4/17

Attachment: 2017 bonryaku
More new items in store at *ichigo Ichie*. Updated version of bonryaku tea tray. If you have an old version, please contact Tsukimi Warwillow and we will replace it, free of charge.


Sent on 26/4/17

Attachment: *ichigo ichie* main store
New item in store, ryureishiki table for public chanoyu demonstrations. Mix and match with your preferred dogu. 299L, unscripted, but not for long!


Sent on 31/8/16

Attachment: *Ichigo Ichie* in Kiyomizu shopping mall
Konbanwa, minna-san! It's Tsukimi from *Ichigo Ichie*. Man, you guys are great at finding BUGS! I dug out a few in the Animated Tea Ceremony set for Ryakubon. If you purchased it, slip me an IM...


Sent on 1/7/16

Attachment: Miyagawacho Hanamachi -Gacha Fair
Hi folks! It's Tsukimi at *Ichigo Ichie*! Come and see my entry into the Miyagawacho Gacha Fair! I have banners for Pride (last weekend, I know) and some fluffy kittens that you can hold and squeeze!


Sent on 25/1/16

Attachment: *Ichigo Ichie* Tea Ceremony Wares NEW LOCATION!
Good morning, everyone! It's Tsukimi at *Ichigo Ichie*. Unfortunately I could not resolve a disruption at our main store's original location, so we've moved! Please come and enjoy the beautiful...


Sent on 20/1/16

Attachment: *Ichigo Ichie* at Miyagawacho
Konbanwa, minna-san. I've closed my main shop temporarily due to a disturbance next door interfering with the environment. It will be back open once the disturbance has resolved. In the meantime,...


Sent on 5/11/15

Attachment: *Ichigo Ichie* at Miyagawacho
Heya, it's Tsukimi from *Ichigo Ichie*! I've reopened my store in Miyagawacho, won't you take a look?


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