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Scribbler's Cove is an artist community in SL which focuses on supporting artists as well as exhibiting their work in our Gallery. This group will keep you informed of any events and exhibitions at the Cove and the merchants/exhibitors based there.

Recent messages

Sent on 27/2/21

Attachment: ~AMU~ at H&G Expo 2021, Hope 2 (86, 82, 23)
Hi! The H&G Expo begins today. LM attached takes you inside my shop. Blog post preview:

Sent on 6/10/20

Attachment: ~AMU~ Halloween sale!
Hello there! New pictures and a mini sale in store this month, including some silly cartoons for Halloween. See the notecard for info and pictures. Kind regards, Ailsa


Sent on 13/8/20

Attachment: ~AMU~ News - August 2020
Hello! Please see the attached notecard for my latest releases and gifts. Thank you! Ailsa


Sent on 14/2/20

Attachment: ~AMU~ News 14.2.20 - Home & Garden Expo + Valentines sale
Hi everyone! AMU is at the SL Home & Garden Expo again this year! It's just opened and runs until the 4th March. See the notecard for info, pics and landmarks. My expo store is here:

Sent on 10/11/19

Attachment: ~AMU~ News 10th November 2019
Hello! I've just added some new art to the store, including a turkey cartoon to brighten up your holidays :) Full details in the attached notecard. Thank you! Ailsa xxx


Sent on 21/9/19

Attachment: ~AMU~ News 21 Sept '19
Hiya! Big news... AMU is moving! See the note attached for full details. TL, DR version: New shop, new art and a group gift. New shop location:

Sent on 24/4/19

Attachment: AMU Static Cat group gift pic
Hello there! I survived the Home & Garden Expo (it was awesome :D) I've brought back my new releases including some that didn't fit into the expo stall! They're on easels outside AMU. Also, I've...


Sent on 3/6/18

Attachment: ~AMU~New releases - animaloon cartoons!
Freshly framed cartoons have landed at AMU this week, see the notecard for pictures and details. Taxi:

Sent on 26/5/18

Attachment: ~AMU~ Panda!
A quick new art release for you this week, see the notecard for more info :) Have a great weekend, xx Ailsa xx


Sent on 10/2/18

Attachment: ~AMU~ Love Cats for Valentines Day
Hello! Theres a new painting in the ~AMU~ store for Valentines Day - see the notecard for more info! Taxi:

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