SarVana Biz Exchange (BizXnet)

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 Sarvana Haalan
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 SarVana Marketing Network
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Description / details

SarVana Biz Exchange is short for "SarVana Business Networking Exchange" also known as "BizXnet". It is a business networking exchange group for virtual world residents who own an in-world business, are interested in starting a virtual world based business, or thinking about starting one. The group, “SarVana Biz Exchange (BizXnet)” is a collaborative group of individuals and businesses that agreed to be networking partners (friends) with the group owner, SarVana Haalan. It is hoped that BizXnet will provide opportunities for virtual business owners and interested parties to meet in various in-world settings (informal and formal) to exchange ideas, share business information, and form reciprocal marketing partnerships. Currently SarVana Biz Exchange (BizXnet) is based in Second Life but it extends into any virtual world in which the group owner resides and/or conducts business. The group is one of several in-world projects managed by the virtual based business, SarVana Marketing Network under the direction of the RL business, Cherry Consulting Network. SarVana Biz Exchange (BizXnet) is an open enrollment group with no required membership dues. Please note that donations are welcome to help cover the set-up and maintenance expenses of the group's designated meeting sites. Donation (Tip) jars are provided at SarVana Studio and various locations within the SarVana Business Centre complex in the Payens region. Members are encouraged to post in-world Group Notes about their businesses, services, products, upcoming events, etc. Group members are encouraged to support the businesses of other members as long as it is a legal (smiles). The "Exchange" is about ideas, information and support being given and received reciprocally. No spamming, please! Disclaimer: SarVana Biz Exchange (BizXnet) requests that the group members conduct BizXnet-related networking and interactions in a business-like manner. BizXnet does not control the actions or reactions of any group member. In addition, BizXnet does not endorse any business or organization unless otherwise stated by the owner. BizXnet does not endorse any member's expressed views, products, or services unless otherwise stated by the owner. BizXnet is not responsible for any correspondence received from other members. BizXnet does not authorize any permission that was not given by the content creators.