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 Vitabela Dubrovna
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 Vita's Boudoir
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Group for all lovers and admirers of Boudoir design to be informed about new add-ons to collection and group gifts.

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Sent on 30/1/23

Attachment: Red royal dress
Perfect dress for Valentines is waiting for you in Boudoir! <3

Sent on 29/1/23

Attachment: Oooh it's Rose!
Oooh it's Rose! collection ❤ See you in Boudoir 👁👄👁


Sent on 15/1/23

Attachment: Red ribbons dress
Hi girls! I made a dress after 6 years and it's fabulously couture :D Please try on, let me know how you like it and take pics <3

Sent on 14/9/22

Attachment: Boudoir HALLOWEEN 2022 is HERE!!!
Check out our first HALLOWEEN release ❣️💀❣️


Sent on 11/6/22

Attachment: Vita's Boudoir EXCLUSIVE SHOW by AIM-jun 12th @ 9AM SLT-wear me
⭐️Vita's Boudoir⭐️ ️EXCLUSIVE SHOW by AIM - jun 12th @ 9AM SLT

Sent on 9/6/22

Attachment: Vita's Boudoir EXCLUSIVE SHOW by AIM - jun 12th @ 8PM (Wear me)
⭐️Save The Date⭐️ Vita's Boudoir EXCLUSIVE SHOW by AIM - jun 12th @ 8PM


Sent on 29/4/22

Attachment: Something E P I C in BOUDOIR!!!
Dear Groupies ❤❤❤ Let me introduce you Madame Étagère!!! 🍰 🍩 🍪


Sent on 12/3/22

Attachment: Because You NEED it !!!!!
Dear Groupies, we launched AMAZING new collection of thrones! Check it out ❤👀❤


Sent on 14/2/22

Attachment: Valentine GROUP GIFT in B O U D O I R!!!!
Enjoy ❤ ❤ ❤


Sent on 4/2/22

Attachment: VALENTINES in B O U D O I R <3
Dear groupies, check out our AMAZING Valentine release ❤❤❤


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