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Sent on 19/12/22

Attachment: SA Update 12-20-2022
SelinA Mesh Body V5 released....come n get 'em :)


Sent on 4/2/20

Attachment: SA Update 02-04-20
New @ SA... SelinA Mesh Bodies Updated ot V4.....


Sent on 3/5/19

Attachment: SA Update 05-03-19
New @ SA.. Sittin Chairs...check em out inworld or on MP

Sent on 1/4/19

Attachment: SA Update 04-01-19
New @ SA ... Naughty Skirt for SelinA, Tonic, Slink and Maitreya...

Sent on 10/5/18

Attachment: SA Update 05-10-18
New @ SA.... School Playset!


Sent on 20/2/18

Attachment: SA Update 02-20-18
New @ SA..... 3 new sitting pillows in both PG and RLV editions...


Sent on 6/2/18

Attachment: SA Update 02-06-18
New @ SA.. Valentine Licky Chair...

Sent on 23/12/17

Attachment: SA Update 12-23-17
SelinA Mesh Body V3 is Live!!! Merry Xmas!!!


Sent on 23/10/17

Attachment: SA Update 10-23-17
New @ SA Spooky Dance Pole....


Sent on 26/6/17

Attachment: SA Update 06-26-17
New @ SA... Simple Sybian Updated....New Features, Poses and Sex Edition!


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