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Sent on 29/10/16

Attachment: LAQ_MaxineHead
New mesh head released at LAQ: Maxine 1.0


Sent on 28/8/16

Attachment: LAQ_Sophia
LAQ Sophia skin applier with Brows and No Brows options + 4 Eyebrow colors available in all 16 LAQ skin tones! Out now :)


Sent on 21/8/16

Attachment: LAQ_TrinityHead15
LAQ Mesh head updated – Trinity 1.5 !


Sent on 6/8/16

Attachment: LAQ_HeadAppliers
Nellie, Martina, Jennie and Tasha have now been updated as appliers, by popular demand! Out now at LAQ!


Sent on 24/7/16

Attachment: LAQ_Kate
LAQ Kate - New skin applier released today for LAQ mesh heads!


Sent on 16/7/16

Attachment: LAQ_Freya
New applier released today at LAQ! Works on LAQ mesh head and other heads that supports Omega.


Sent on 10/7/16

Attachment: LAQ_Mesh_Head
LAQ Mesh Head Trinity 1.0 is finally being released!


Sent on 20/10/15

Attachment: Free LAQ skin @ In-world group
Free LAQ skin gift in all 7 tones! More info in notecard..


Sent on 13/9/15

Attachment: LAQ Ava skin @ GEN-Neutral fair
LAQ Ava skin is now available at the Gen-Neutral event! A notecard will be delivered to you with more information.


Sent on 5/9/15

Attachment: LAQ_Cleavagev5
New cleavage (v5) released at LAQ! Teleport now:


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