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 Cady Enoch
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 The Anglican Cathedral in SL
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A distinctively Anglican church within SL for those who are Anglicans or who share the Anglican heritage, and for those of other denominations who value what we provide. We also welcome those who are exploring the Christian faith.

Recent messages

Sent on 7/11/21

Attachment: Epiphany Schedule November 2021
Sorry, folks, I put 11th instead of 14th for Remembrance/Veterans Sunday. Sorry. Correct version attached. Helene


Sent on 5/11/21

Attachment: Epiphany Schedule November 2021
Please read the attached schedule carefully. We are just beginning one of our busiest periods of the year. Everyone is invited to host the Posada, either as an individual, a group of friends or an...


Sent on 29/9/21

Attachment: Epiphany Schedule October 2021
Here is the schedule of events for Epiphany Island in October. Do join us. All are welcome.


Sent on 28/8/21

Attachment: Epiphany Schedule September. 2021
Here is the Epiphany schedule for September!


Sent on 30/9/20

Attachment: Epiphany schedule October 2020
welcome to fall on Epiphany and the end of Creationtide. Details in the notecard.


Sent on 4/9/20

Attachment: Epiphany schedule September 2020
Apolgies to you if this is the second time you are receiving this! I am not sure if the first attempt was successful. Better safe...


Sent on 31/7/20

Attachment: Epiphany schedule August 2020
The August schedule for Epiphany Island is now out.


Sent on 30/6/20

Attachment: Epiphany schedule July 2020
Welcome to Epiphany this summer!


Sent on 3/6/20

Attachment: Epiphany schedule June 2020
Good morning everyone and apologies for the late arrival of the June schedule. Hoping that you are all well and safe. Finn


Sent on 3/5/20

Attachment: Epiphany schedule May 2020
with apologies for the late arrival - I had one of those moments where you think you have done a task and turns out that was a dream...