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Updates and announcements for products designed by Paul Lapointe and BastChild Lotus.

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Sent on 5/11/16

Attachment: L&B@TMD:Nov - Salvage Cuffed Jeans!
L&B@TMD:Nov Salvage Cuffed Denim Jeans for men. AES, SLINK, Gianni, and...


Sent on 9/9/16

New! Scout Armored Leather Jackets! available now!


Sent on 19/8/16

Attachment: L&B Swear Retro Tank Tops for women
New! Retro Tanks for women! Fit mesh for Lara, Slink All, and Belleza All - std sizes also included. HUD for 18 graphics and 22 plain colors. Perfect to finish out summer!


Sent on 16/7/16

Attachment: L&B@Boys Of Summer : Swear Baja Denim Shorts FATPACK
Opening tonight at 6pm SLT - L&B is proud to particpate in Boys of Summer by Depraved Nation. Our exclusive for the event are our new Baja Denim Jeans! A more modern, metro take on cargo shorts....


Sent on 24/6/16

Attachment: 2016 L&B S'Wear Candy Cropped Hoodie
New! L&B Candy Cropped Hoodie - Mesh Bodies only - Maitreya, Belleza, & Slink. Cropped Hoodie and optional Bra Tube top. HUD with 36 colors and 6 themes. Free demos!


Sent on 3/6/16

Attachment: 2016 L&B S'Wear Candy Double Belt Jeans
New! L&B CANDY Double Belt Jeans Fatpack w/ Maitreya & SLINK fit mesh sizes


Sent on 26/5/16

Attachment: 2016 L&B MEMORIAL DAY SALE
L&B Memorial Day Sale - Marketplace Only - starts at midnight SLT. Sale goes Friday May 27th through Mon May 30th. 32 items 30-35% discounted!

Sent on 13/5/16

Attachment: 2016 L&B S'Wear Womens Zipp Jacket Ad
New! Womens Zipp Leather Jacket! Trendy modern jacket with optional studded lapel - comes with AddOn tops and Mega HUD of 25 Plain and 23 mixed color Leathers + More!

Sent on 5/5/16

Attachment: 2016 L&B Swear RETRO GRAPHICS T-SHIRT Ad#2
L&B@TMD:May Retro Graphics T-shirts Includes standard sizes & fit mesh for AES &...


Sent on 16/4/16

Attachment: Ad: L&B S'Wear Mens Ranger Shirt
New! Ranger Shirt official release - updated models and additional textures! Update if you bought the Ranger Plaid Fatpack at TMD. Now at MP and in world.

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