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CW Studios is your Number #1 stop for quality photography supplies! Check out our collection by shopping both online and inworld.

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Sent on 28/11/11

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Hello All! Been working hard the next version of the website! Stay tuned for more info <3 Q


Sent on 7/10/11

Attachment: 10/7/11 - New Texture Packs
2 New Texture Packs! Romance and Stardust now on sale! See notecard for details. <3 Q


Sent on 26/9/11

Attachment: CW Studios - 9/26/11 Notice
Hello Fans, CW Studios home SIM Salvation is undergoing a massive change. Please the attached Notecard for more info <3 Q


Sent on 16/1/11

Attachment: CW Studios Photography Equipment, Salvation (79, 107, 24)
CW Studios - Our store revamp is complete! Come check out the all new lighting! Plus new clearance and sale items! <3 Quatre


Sent on 22/8/10

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The texture template for the CWS System is now out for public use! Check it out at! <3 Q


Sent on 13/4/10

Attachment: CWS - RFL - Purple Gloves
Not studio related but its a really good cause! Check the notecard for details <3 Q


Sent on 20/3/10

Attachment: 3/20/10 Notice - CWS Rezzer Update
<3 CWS - Notecard Notice in regards to our CWS Build Rezzer <3 Q


Sent on 13/2/10

Attachment: CWS - [Group Gift] - 2/14/10
Happy V-Day Fans! To share the love here is a giftcard to CWS and a lil treat for you or your sweetheart! <3 Q


Sent on 30/10/09

Attachment: CWS - Winners - Halloween 2009 Contest
<3 Happy Halloween! Our Contact is Over! The winners are in! (see notecard!) <3


Sent on 27/10/09

Attachment: CWS - [Group Gift] - 10/27/09
<3 It's Q's RL B-day and we are passing out goodie bags! Inside a store card and an item from Mystic Magic <3