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Sent on 10/12/10

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ News 10/12/10
Hi folks, important announcement regarding new information group with a free gift! details attached, regards, Uni Ninetails


Sent on 24/10/10

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ News 24/10/10
Hello!, ~*Forest Floor*~ is pleased to announce the release of the Elm packs. Please see attached notecard for details!


Sent on 4/9/10

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ News 04/09/10
~*Forest Floor*~ Is pleased to announce its store relaunch, please see attached notecard for details and FREE item!


Sent on 12/6/10

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ New releases - 12/06/10
Hello! greetings from the ~*Forest Floor*~! Many new items have been released this weekend. New Alder trees, garden furniture, flower fields. Please have a look at the attached notecard for...


Sent on 25/4/10

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ Fruit Collection - Apple sapling
Hello again, as mentioned, please find attached a sampler of the new Fruit collection - Apple, happy SLunday! - Uni


Sent on 24/4/10

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ New releases - 25/04/10
Greetings from the Forest Floor! I am pleased to announce the release of a new tree pack, and two furniture sets. Details contained with the attached notecard. A second notice will be released...


Sent on 10/11/09

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ Birch pack sapling
Hello, *~Forest Floor*~ is pleased to announce the newest tree pack in its collection. The Birch pack is now available at L$800 and has all the usual features and extras as previous packs. Please...


Sent on 2/8/09

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ Treepack 10 sapling
~*Forest Floor*~ Is pleased to annouce Tree Pack 10. This latest pack of 7 variations has been carefully textured and includes seasonal textures, a 1 prim flower field, and 1 prim rays of...


Sent on 25/7/09

Attachment: (none)
Hi there! ~*Forest Floor*~ Is having a small party at the port today at 4:30pm SLT. There will be a give away table, with some of the new sculpted plates, and some potted plants. Also a 7seas...


Sent on 10/7/09

Attachment: ~*Forest Floor*~ Marble Dolphins Statue
Hi folks just a little group gift and let you all know theres lots of things to come from ~*Forest Floor*~ Please accept this nice modiffiable Dolphin statue. Scale up quite large for garden use,...


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