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Modern X Brutalist X Contemporary Homes & Decor. Low land impact, high quality, baked original mesh by Zaidbahadar & Gigiximenes.

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Sent on 1/9/23

Attachment: - Scafall - [1/09] Cosmo Last Day, Hunt Begins! & Tres!
Dear Scafall Subscribers, the Back To Cool hunt has officially begun, and we are counting down on our exclusive sales for our Koi Mailbox 30% off @ Cosmo and house Yasmin 40% off at Tres Chic....


Sent on 11/7/23

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We invite you to follow our new Flickr account: https://www.flickr.com/scafall Thankfully, we were able to retain our group so feel free...


Sent on 4/7/23

Attachment: - Scafall - [07/04] SL20B 30% Off Sale & New Gifts~
It is the last week for our 30% off sale at SL20B, and we have a bunch of new gifts. Please find the NC in your invent. Happy 4th of July to all our American VIPs. We hope you enjoy the sales and...


Sent on 13/6/23

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For our home owners and VIPs, a 3 column shelving unit ready for you to grab in our group gift area. 3 levels of glass shelves and one level of wooden drawers. Mounted to the wall and floor, this...


Sent on 6/6/23

Attachment: - Scafall - [06/06] Final Days for Sales & a lil announcement!
Dearest VIPs, please find attached all the news we have going on (and a special little announcement). If you have any questions please shoot them over. We hope you have been enjoying the sales and...


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