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 Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography
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Sent on 16/12/11

Attachment: Special Jewell's Photography Main, Shepherd (139, 251, 91)
FREE GIFT Beautiful winter scene original photo with frame is in the POE4 hunt prim. Follow the doves up the stairs. Happy holidays to all! Continue on this terrific hunt from here.


Sent on 16/12/10

Attachment: Special Jewell's Photography Main, Shepherd (139, 251, 91)
Special Jewell's Fine Art Photograph is a creator in the Peace on Earth Grid Wide Hunt! Find the globe for a gorgeous framed original photo. Happy Holidays!!


Sent on 11/10/10

Attachment: Special Jewell @ Scotland Art Show
SPECIAL JEWELL Spooks out @ Scotland Second Life Fine Art photography fit for the season. Come see my show and wear your kilt. One week only!! Landmark is attached to this notice.


Sent on 9/6/10

Attachment: Special Jewell's Fine Art Gallery ~ NEWS for JUNE 2010 Freebie
Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography~ HUNT Freebies, Shows and NEWS. Notecard with details attached. Have a great Summer!


Sent on 29/4/10

Attachment: Special Jewell & Potlatch Foggarty Gallery Tour 4-29 6-8 PM
SPECIAL JEWELL, Artist and POTLATCH FOGGARTY, live musician together Tonight April 29th from 6-8 PM SLT. Gallery tour at Tuscany Towne of my favorite photographs. Pick up the freebie art while...


Sent on 13/2/10

Attachment: New Freebie, Lucky Letter Board ~ Special Jewell's Photography
NEW FREEBIE my red POPPY photograph, NEW Lucky Board that is loaded with some best selling items !! New Art on Display too! Special Jewell at the Artworks Mall, Notecard with the landmark is...


Sent on 2/1/10

Attachment: Cold ~ Original Art by Special Jewell ~ Framed 2 prim
Have a Happy and Healthy New Year in 2010. Thank you for your continued support and patronage. Attached is a framed winter original photograph, my gift to you.


Sent on 15/11/09

Attachment: New news from Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography 11-09
New news from SPECIAL JEWELL PHOTOGRAPHY read the notecard for new gridwide hunts and shows!!


Sent on 1/9/09

Attachment: Special Jewell's Photography Events for September 2009
Hunt information, new gallery shows and new news for September from Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography. Landmarks and details on the notecard!! Thank you all!!


Sent on 26/7/09

Attachment: New News from Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography 7-26-09
Special Jewell's Fine Art Photography NEWS!! GRID WIDE HUNTS, Gallery Shows, New Shoes..its been a busy busy summer. Check out my notecard for all my news!!


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