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[:: Moonlight Shadow ::] Tattoo Art Design There offers tattoos, artworks, photography, and playable indie games, all of them can do custom design. Join the group will recieve monthly group gifts and shopping special 5% store credit. Chat-camping party will be enable for group members at every Friday 6AM-8AM PST. Magic Fishing & Fish Hunt welcome to group members to visit.

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Sent 1 week, 1 day ago

Attachment: [:MS:] Tattoo Love Belly L$55 @ Glorious Days
Weekend Sale L$55 Tattoo Love Belly @ Glorious Days 6/14-6/17 weekend sale only L$55! You must wear with the group tag of Glorious Days while buy it. Taxi:

Sent 2 weeks, 2 days ago

Attachment: [:: Moonlight Shadow ::]
Shop Moved. Welcome to the new [:: Moonlight Shadow ::] and get the landmark.

Sent on 9/7/23

Attachment: The Sea of Fireheart - Past Town
Good price to have a home! Past Town provides rentals 1L$/1li~1.5li.

Sent on 11/6/23

Attachment: The 2023 Summer Full Perm Fair
[:: Moonlight Shadow ::] Graffiti & Pattern Fatpack 20%OFF @ The Summer Full Perm Fair. Come to see them! Taxi:

Sent on 15/5/23

Attachment: [:MS:] Tattoo L$99 @Happy Event
5/14- 5/28 Tattoo Love Belly & Butterfly Fatpack L$99 @ Happy Event. Come and take the lovely price. Taxi:

Sent on 6/5/23

Attachment: [:: Moonlight Shadow ::] Tattoo Art Design
Weekend Sale L$55 Tattoo Scorpio. It attends Glorious Days weekend Sale from 5/5-5/8. Join the Glorious Days and wear its group tag to get the L$55 price. AD:

Sent on 5/5/23

Attachment: [:: Moonlight Shadow ::] Moon Earrings AD
GROUP GIFT ★ [:: Moonlight Shadow ::] Moon Earrings. It's the simple earrings adding to wear. Join the group to get free.

Sent on 29/4/23

Attachment: [:MS:] Tattoo Scorpio L$55 @Glorious Days
Weekend Sale Tattoo Scorpio L$55 @Glorious Days from 4/28-4/30. Join the Glorious Days and wear its group tag to get the discount. Taxi:

Sent on 23/10/22

Attachment: [:MS:] Tattoo Eternity L$55 @Glorious Days
L$55 Weekend Sale @Glorious Days. Tattoo Eternity is L$55 for Glorious Days' weekend sale. The Gothic upper-body tattoo contains BoM & applier with 100%, 70%, 50% opacity. Come Taxi:

Sent on 8/10/22

Attachment: [:: Moonlight Shadow ::] Dreamlands - 2022.10.8 Rent & Sale
[:: Moonlight Shadow ::] Dreamlands Mainland Sale & Rent News. Cheapest 640sqm parcel only L$800, 1024sqm L$1540, and 1664sqm parcel reduces to L$5000. More information please read the...


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