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Sent on 18/3/23

BOSL'S GRAND OPENING PARTY THIS SUNDAY! SUNDAY MARCH 19th from 11:30am to 5pm SLT. So much to see and do! Hope to see you there! Self-Serve Xeolife & MyStory catering via Wic Foods! Add the hud...


Sent on 6/3/23

Attachment: The Jennifer Steele Gallery - Official Location
FOOD OF THE MONTH TIME! Celebrating St Patty's with a Bangers & Mash dinner for 2 with GREEN BEER! yum!! And we're sending you to a gallery this month! Find the safe and say the secret phrase LUCK...


Sent on 2/3/23

Attachment: The Wine Cellar - Xeolife/Mystory & Child Friendly
The Wine Cellar has moved location and has had a bit of a renovation. Stop by when you can :)

Sent on 22/2/23

Attachment: Impressions Winery (Xeolife)
/95 It's FOOD OF THE MONTH TIME!!! We're celebrating TWO things - The new Impressions Winery and Black History Month! Somewhere around the winery is the safe, and this month the password is MAKINI...


Sent on 30/1/23

Attachment: BOSL The Forest Room Cafe - Temporary Location
BOSL is getting a facelift, so we have temporarily placed The Forest Room up in the sky. TPs should default to the new location, but just in case here's the temp LM :)

Sent on 7/1/23

Attachment: GO GET YOUR FOOD OF THE MONTH! From Chef's House
FOOD OF THE MONTH TIME! We've put safes in BOTH locations. Read the notecard for where to find them. This months password to unlock the safe is YUMMY YUM .. 8 servings of 25 bites of Chili Con...


Sent on 26/12/22

Attachment: BOSL Chef's House - The Forest Room Cafe (Xeolife & Zooby)
Chef's House and BOSL have teamed up to bring you yet another wonderful dining location - The Forest Room. 100% Xeolife compatible, Zooby friendly, Dance, Dine, Eat-in and Take Out at this elegant...


Sent on 25/12/22

Attachment: BOSL Chef's House - The Forest Room Cafe (Xeolife & Zooby)
In celebration of the opening of our newest Chef's House Location, we're giving you extra bonus food & wine this month! 6 new meals not yet for sale anywhere with wine! Go to our new Forest Cafe,...


Sent on 18/12/22

Attachment: Chef's House Cafe - Xeolife Compatible
FOOD OF THE MONTH! Celebrating Hanukkah 8 Chefs House Cafe Kosher Brisket Dinners with Latkes! YUM.. The secret phrase is BE KIND (all in caps). Find the safe! Get your meals!


Sent on 12/12/22

Attachment: (none)
In Case you're wondering Chef's House Cafe is coming up with something very special for your food of the month this month. Just hang in there! We'll announce it soon! :)))


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