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Sit bolt upright in that straight back chair, button that top button, and get set for some difficult music. Mao Lemieux live improv ambient / DJ set announcements and updates. <3 https://soundcloud.com/mao_lemieux Photo by Dog Caboose <3

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Sent 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Attachment: Invitation: Mao Lemieux @ Little Mistake 1-13-23 (add&click)
Live MaoSaounds tomorrow, 1/13 at Little Mistake, 10 AM SLT. Hope to see you there!


Sent on 5/11/22

Attachment: (none)
We hit a record attendance level at Ambient 101 today during Misch's performance! Here's mine, uploaded for your listening pleasure:

Sent on 5/11/22

Attachment: Invitation: Mao, Misch & Rosewood LIVE update (Add & Click)
1pm mini festival, Mao, Misch, Rosewood, today 11/5 You can listen in here

Sent on 21/10/22

Attachment: Invitation: Mao Lemieux LIVE @SciFi Expo 10/21/22 (add)
Mao Lemieux LIVE at SciFi Expo, 3pm SLT. This is where I got inspired to make ambient music, fam! Hope to see you there.


Sent on 28/9/22

Attachment: E-FEST II Invitation (Official) (add)
Mao Lemieux at E-FEST !! Sept. 29. || Hey, that rhymes! E-FEST II starts today, 9/28, and spans several days. Please see the attached for all the details. There's a lot of info; please be sure to...


Sent on 24/9/22

Attachment: Woodbridge Ambient Festival Poster Sept 24 2022
Woodbridge Ambient Music Festival is go! Please see the attachment for details. You can also watch the livestream on YouTube:

Sent on 20/9/22

Attachment: Woodbridge Ambient Festival Poster Sept 24 2022
Upcoming Performance Saturday, Sept. 24 12 PM SLT - Live Woodbridge Festival Simulcast to England! Check it out!


Sent on 29/6/22

Attachment: Invite - Little Mistake Friday 1/7
Mao and Misch Live Friday July 1Thanks to Misch for this supercute invite thingy! 10:30 - Mao 11:30 - Misch Hope to see you there!


Sent on 22/6/22

Attachment: Invitation: mutantmemory Art Gallery Opening/LIVE Maosaounds!
Whew! So much info; so little time! WEDNESDAY June 22, 2022 mutantmemory Art Show Opening AMBIENCE Art Gallery Ambient 101􀀀 4 pm SLT Mao Lemieux Live Performance 4:30 PM SLT I'll be performing...


Sent on 2/6/22

Attachment: Invitation: Mao Lemieux "Fingerpaintings" Release 6/2/22 (add)
"Fingerpaintings" Album is Released! Come Party! So I've officially released my first album!

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