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Your source for station updates and DJ appearances.

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Sent on 15/6/24

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Seems all the kinks with the recent server upgrade have been ironed out. The Now Playing widgets function and the website players now play music.


Sent on 12/6/24

Attachment: Bayou Dreadlow
Tonight on the Bayou from 5-7pm SLT I'll be playing songs about time! Your job is to be on time!


Sent on 3/6/24

Attachment: ~HAPPY MONDAY~
While Janie's celebrating her birthday in RL, I will be filling in for her from 6 to 8pm SLT. I'll be playing tunes from the 70s and 80s with a few tunes I created on Udio.com. Bring a friend...


Sent on 4/5/24

Attachment: Bay City's Anniversary!
Join us May 19th for the Bay City Anniversary party where I will DJ 1230-1330 SLT on May 19th


Sent on 24/3/24

Attachment: Bay City Fairgrounds
Join me at the Bay City Fairgrounds today, March 24, from 12 noon to 2 PM SLT as I spin for the Annual Food Truck Festival. Sample foods from across Bay City and around the grid. 33 trucks to visit!


Sent on 3/12/23

Attachment: Bay City Fairgrounds
Today at 1PM SLT I will be Spinning at the Bay City Tree Lighting event. Bring your holiday cheer!


Sent on 29/11/23

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FYI : My ISP has scheduled maintenance for Friday, December 1st for an unspecified length of time. These outages will take our live stream down, but our Auto-DJ will take up the slack.


Sent on 23/11/23

Attachment: Bayou Dreadlow
Alone this holiday? Bored of sportsball? Then come on down to the Bayou and hear my spin some tunes from 5-7pmSLT tonight!


Sent on 10/9/23

Attachment: Bay City Fairgrounds
Today at 11AM SLT I will DJing the carnival in Bay City. A new Miss Bay City will be crowned!


Sent on 11/6/23

Attachment: (none)
Apologies for the downtime. There was a minor billing error I had to rectify. We're up and running now!


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