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Shop for buildings, decor and more

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Sent on 13/1/24

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Heya cuties! Finally it's time to say that the first new release for 2024 is out NOW! See you around @

Sent on 18/11/23

Attachment: 20231118 SLW Design - NEWS
hey there - grab attached notecard for getting all information about the recent relases as well as all the other goodies and more - see you around at SLW Design

Sent on 4/11/23

Attachment: 20231104 SLW Design - NEWS
Heya lovelies, attached find a notecard with all the things going on at the mainstore at the moment. Groupgift Vendor is fixed - if your delivery failed before, please try again! Have a...


Sent on 21/10/23

Attachment: 20231021 SLW Design - NEWS
Heya lovelies, I hope you all have a fantastic Saturday so far ... attached find a notecard with current sales, gifts and more ... We're back to FabFree again! Yay! See you around @

Sent on 28/8/23

Attachment: SLW Design - Bow chokers whim-ready
Hey all, SLW Design is now official partner of the whim system. We've just released our first chokers (coming whim-ready and without RLV) - grab them with a group discount of 25% while they are...


Sent on 27/5/23

Attachment: SLW Design is back
SLW Design is back - look in notecard for few more information - hope to see you all around @ SLW Design

Sent on 11/6/22

Attachment: SLW Design - News (11th June 2022)
Hey, in the actual notecard you'll all infos about sales and hunts going on in the mainstore of SLW Design. special anniversary sale (50, 60 & 75 L$) has been changed today too! have a great...


Sent on 3/6/22

Attachment: SLW Design - News (3rd June 2022)
Hey hey, attached you'll find the combined infos about the weekend sales as well as all infos about the 1st anniversary of SLW Design Come along and celebrate with us at

Sent on 7/5/22

Attachment: SLW Design - News (7th May 2022)
Hey all, please accept the notecard with this weeks information about the ongoing sales and hunts at SLW Design. I added a quick first information about the FIRST ANNIVERSARY coming in June too...


Sent on 30/4/22

Attachment: SLW Design - News (30th April 2022)
all news about the current sales and hunts at SLW Design in the notecard - see you around at

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