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Sent on 1/7/22

Attachment: Stay in touch with Anarcho Rodentia
Aloha! We are retiring the Subscribe-O-Matic! Make sure you are a member of secondlife:///app/group/af07d68d-49c1-32be-528b-d9ce8a68f985/about to keep up to date about Anarcho Rodentia


Sent on 23/3/21

Attachment: Anarcho Rodentia - Gas Station
The Mad Pea Easter Egg Hunt is on! If you find yourself hunting for eggs in the neighborhood, they may be near some new storefronts and apartments. Let us know if you want to move your store or...


Sent on 19/3/21

Attachment: Anarcho Rodentia Drive-In, Arang
Join us in TWO HOURS (4 p.m. SLT) for a curated(ish) video watching party at our drive-in located here: