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Sent on 31/8/21

Attachment: Invitation to Carmel Barefoot in the Park event
Carmel Art Community is happy to hold the Second Annual Tribute to 3D Artistry BAREFOOT IN THE PARK Featuring: Silas Merlin, Reycharles, SecondHandTutti, Ilyra Chardin, Deyanira Yalin Sprinkled...


Sent on 24/7/21

Attachment: BSUKMET, Roxy&Earth Event (add/wear)
Please join us at Carmel Art Community for the closing celebration of the Summer Art Fair with A fabulous DOUBLE HITTER BSUKMET STORMCROW in concert accompanied by Roxy&Earth of Particle...


Sent on 18/7/21

Attachment: Carmel Art Community Gallery Plaza & Garden
MUSIC & POETRY & ART ~ Oh MY! DJ Riff Gaffer is inviting you to bring some of your poetry to his special DJ Music & Poetry event surrounded by incredible Art held at Carmel Art...


Sent on 14/7/21

Attachment: Carmel July Art Exhibitions (add/wear)
Carmel Art Community is proud to exhibit HERMES KONDOR, his incredible photo art is gorgeous. Come see for your self. Details coming now.


Sent on 3/7/21

Attachment: Carmel July Art Exhibitions (add/wear)
CARMEL ART COMMUNITY Is proud to present the wonderful guest photography artist, Hermes Kondor presenting "Colors of Nature" Join us, MONDAY, July 5, 12:30 pm SLt For the opening of his...


Sent on 2/7/21

Attachment: Invitation to Carmel Summer Art Fair (ADD & click)
Save The Date ~ July 5th! Carmel Summer Art Fair Opens July is the BUSIEST month in Carmel and here we keep good on that reality! Monday, July 5 @ 12:30 pm SLT Three things happen - The...


Sent on 7/6/21

Attachment: Carmel JUNE Art Exhibit (add/wear)
Join us at Carmel Art Community TODAY (the 7th) at 12:30 pm for incredible art, music, and a special guest ART BLUE's Art Talk. Invitation comes now!


Sent on 11/5/21

Attachment: Carmel 1 Year Celebration Exhibit (add/wear)
What do the fine artists Anouk Levare, Cybele Moon, Jaelle Faerye, Kisma Reidling, Vanessa Jane and Robert McFarren all have in common? The are the Team of Carmel's Artists-in-Residents (meaning...


Sent on 2/5/21

Attachment: Carmel 1 Year Celebration Exhibit (add/wear)
Carmel 1 Year Anniversary Exhibit May 5 Invitation.


Sent on 12/4/21

Attachment: Carmel Invites You to a LIVE STREAM workshop (add/wear)
Join us at SL 12pm Pacific TODAY for a LIVE STREAM ART WORKSHOP WITH KISMA REIDLING. Invitation arrives next.


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