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 Naismith Miles
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 Nais Notes
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Information for DJ Nais' shows.

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Sent on 26/7/21

Attachment: Important notice from DJ Nais
Important notice from DJ Nais


Sent on 14/7/21

Attachment: Wild Wednesday 7/14
Wild Wednesday with DJ nais!


Sent on 9/7/21

Attachment: Pool Party! 7/9
Pool Party! Come dip into the weekend!


Sent on 7/7/21

Attachment: DJ Nais Presents: Mystery & Mayhem
Rut Roh! Time for a Mystery!


Sent on 1/7/21

Attachment: Indepen-dance Day 7/1
Happy Indepen-Dance Day! w/ DJ Nais


Sent on 26/6/21

Attachment: Saturday 6/26 w/ DJ Nais
Happy Saturday! 2 Great shows! -Nais


Sent on 25/6/21

Attachment: Ripe Cherries/Funky Monkey
come and getr WET!


Sent on 24/6/21

Attachment: 80's Under the Covers.
Totally Awesome! It's time for 80's Under the Covers!


Sent on 22/6/21

Attachment: Funktastic Tuesday @ Exposure 6/22
Come and get Funky @ Exposure!


Sent on 19/6/21

Attachment: Juneteenth! w/DJ Nais
Happy Juneteenth! Double Nais Notes tonight! 6/19


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