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Sent on 24/12/21

Attachment: [IDA:C] Design - Merry Christmas!
Merry Christmas! I have two gifts for you - please check the attached notecard!


Sent on 18/7/21

Attachment: [IDA:C] Design - Secret Sunday Sales today!
Secret Sunday Sales today! And 6 more offers for 50L during the week!


Sent on 10/7/21

Attachment: [IDA:C] Design - July News!
Secret Sunday Sales at [IDA:C] Fashion Design and new weekly offers! See attached notecard!


Sent on 6/5/21

Attachment: [IDA:C] Design - May News!
[IDA:C] Design - May NEWS! I attached a notecard with pics for you! Love, Ida


Sent on 26/4/21

Attachment: (none)
Special offer until tomorrow: 4 new dresses (Gina, Miss Oni, Ruby, Minty) for only 60L! two are with Ultrahuds!!! Taxi:

Sent on 17/4/21

Attachment: [IDA:C] Design - Spring News!
New Dress PROMO & 50% off on the Spring Spectaculum! See the attached notecard! Love, Ida


Sent on 14/4/21

Attachment: (none)
New at [IDA:C]: Miss ONI Dress - get ready for the limelight with a wonderful colored pattern mix: only 60L the next 24hrs:

Sent on 12/4/21

Attachment: (none)
New arrival: GINA Dress with Ultrahud - infinite color combinations - hide & show - texture presets - color pick! Only 60L$ in the shop for the next 24hrs

Sent on 11/4/21

Attachment: (none)
and here is the taxi - sorry it comes with delay :) http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Puccetta/175/18/30


Sent on 11/4/21

Attachment: (none)
Last 8h of the special offer - 60L for 2 new arrivals! ONLY IN MAINSHOP - LM attached

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