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Sent on 5/3/22

Attachment: Southern Redwine Live @ 2PM Sapphire Beach Club
Greetings... I know... I know... it's been a while but I'm still keeping on... we've loved, lost and will love again...Cheers! XOXO Shuggah!


Sent on 4/11/21

Attachment: Viral Voice Challenger Southern Redwine
Red (Shugg)


Sent on 29/9/21

Attachment: MUSIC~ELIXIR OF LIFE presents...Shuggah @ 1PM (Western Theme)
Happy Harvest! I know it's been a while... join us today at Elixir for an hour of Shuggah!


Sent on 15/12/20

Attachment: Rogue Tower Live @ Noon
Happy Hollidays... Do Join us this afternoon for for some Holiday Cheer♥


Sent on 19/11/20

Attachment: Sweet Sensation ( S & S ) presents Southern Redwine Live @ 5 PM
Hey ya'll! I hope you can come out today and join me for an awesome power hour... drinks will be served.


Sent on 20/8/20

Attachment: ( S & S ) Southern Redwine Live @ 4PM


Sent on 13/8/20

Attachment: Southern Redwine Live @ 4PM
Greetings, I hope everyone is safe and well. Join me @ 4pm for grand evening♥


Sent on 2/5/20

Attachment: Cornerstone Theatre Presents Southern Redwine @ 1PM
I hope everyone is keeping well; big hugs ♥


Sent on 12/4/20

Attachment: (none)
Happy Easter to everyone... be blessed, eat plenty and have some wine... just a little communion♥


Sent on 11/4/20

Attachment: Cornerstone Theatre Presents Southern Redwine @ 1PM


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