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Thunk! creates sync'd playable musical instruments (think drum circle!) and also deco items that are usually in some way related to music. Parties and concerts are also possible.

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Sent on 4/12/23

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We are aware of an issue with sounds playing on the latest viewer update for both LL viewer and Firestorm. We have confirmed that this is a bug with the viewer, not with our products, and have...


Sent on 4/3/23

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A new main store, new products and a whole flock of new Ukuleles that you simply must see! Check out the new digs

Sent on 17/10/22

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Something SOMEWHERE at the Thunk! Mainstore is $1. That is all.


Sent on 6/9/22

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Hi everyone! We have been making new instruments and re releasing old ones with better scripts, better sounds, better animations, and beautiful textures. It's a work in progress, but we invite you...


Sent on 20/12/18

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there's a new group gift at the Thunk! store.


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