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Women's fashion store

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Sent 4 days, 8 hours ago

Attachment: :: powdermoon :: New Releases
- More on yesterday's dress and a new mini dress instore today


Sent 5 days, 9 hours ago

Attachment: :: powdermoon :: NEW RELEASES - Summer Dresses
- Three new dresses from :: powdermoon :: with Fatpack options - see notecard


Sent 1 week, 3 days ago

Attachment: Jenna Jeans, Hashtag and Glow Event Gifts from :: powdermoon ::
- new event gifts and LMs to event, plus last reminder on half price Jenna capri jeans


Sent 1 week, 6 days ago

Attachment: :: powdermoon :: 50% off Jenna Jeans
:: powdermoon :: 50% off Jenna Capri Jeans for the weekend


Sent 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Attachment: :: powdermoon :: news - week ending Sep 9th
New tartan mini pjs in the store today and the rest of the week's news in notecard. Best wishes, Igrainne @ :: powdermoon ::


Sent 2 weeks, 4 days ago

Attachment: :: powdermoon :: New Releases - Saturday 8th Sept
New Heels and Capri Jeans from :: powdermoon :: - see notecard for details


Sent 3 weeks, 2 days ago

Attachment: 10L Romper at Infinity Event and LM
10L romper from :: powdermoon :: at Infinity Event. LM and details in notecard.


Sent 3 weeks, 6 days ago

Attachment: NEW: powdermoon tartan sweater
New release from powdermoon - Ailsa tartan sweater. See notecard


Sent 4 weeks, 2 days ago

Attachment: Final notice of powdermoon sale ending
- powdermoon sale ends at midnight SLT tonight. See notecard.


Sent on 25/8/18

Attachment: powdermoon - New Outfit and Lucky Board Dress
powdermoon vintage dress on lucky board and new outfit in the store.


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