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Sent on 23/12/19

Attachment: #Mewsery - Focus [Bento] Couple's Pose - [AD]
Something new for you lovers out there... and/or friends :) Merry Christmas and Happy New year, hope this new decade brings you everything you've ever dreamed of. I will be on hiatus attending...


Sent on 18/12/19

Attachment: #Mewsery - Magical Girl Shape [Genus x HG] - [AD]
The Magical Girl Genus and Slink Shape is now available for the weekly 69L Humpday Sale! Come over and grab it while the sale is still available [

Sent on 11/12/19

Attachment: Mewsery - Sweet Kitty [Bento] Pose [AD]
Hello my little kittens! I have created another pose pack! If you are interested in looking kawaii and bubbly, these may be poses you will like.

Sent on 27/11/19

Attachment: Mewsery x {CowTea} Twiggy Baby Eye Makeup [AD]
Hi Kitten, Just updated this eyeshadow collection I did last year, it is now out and on sale for the one day 69L humpday sale that happens every wednesday at different main store locations ( see...


Sent on 22/10/19

Attachment: #Mewsery - Vampire Earrings [AD]
Hiya Kittens, I made some vampire inspired earrings, these were supposed to be released with the epiphany gacha package but, i didn't have enough time to finish them. Anyway, I am glad I got more...


Sent on 15/10/19

Attachment: #Mewsery /Enchantment/ GACHA [AD - KEY]
I am excited to share that Mewsery is participating in this year's Halloween spread at the Epiphany Oct 15th 2019!!! Here's the gacha key! Enjoy xo +50L per play +2 rares and 16 commons +The...


Sent on 24/9/19

Attachment: Mewsery - L$150 Exclusive Gift Card [Only 500] - AD
This is a one-time only gift card offer. There are only 500 copies. It is available now for the 69L HumpDay Sale 9/25 which occurs every wednesday. You get first dibs because you’re subscribed to...


Sent on 26/7/19

Attachment: #Mewsery - Ready [Bento] Couple's Pose [AD]
Two new pose sets, now available at Mewsery's Mainstore. 。Surl:

Sent on 17/7/19

Attachment: #Mewsery Yuki-Onna Horns [AD]
/95 Hi everyone! The Yuki-Onna Horns are now available at Mewsery for the 69L Humpday Sale. Don’t forget to join the Humpday Sale group to grab your catalogs for a list of all participating main...


Sent on 10/7/19

Attachment: Mewsery x {Kyung-Hu} Milkycan [AD]
Hello Kittens! I did a collab with {Kyung-Hu}. These milk cans are available at Mewsery or {Kyung-Hu} mainstore for 69L HumpdaySale 7/10! More Info:

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