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Sent on 19/12/19

Attachment: LAQ Gift + Sale
Gift + sale now at LAQ!


Sent on 29/11/19

Attachment: LAQ 50% off on everything
50% off on everything at LAQ!


Sent on 5/11/19

Attachment: LAQ Whitney, New!
LAQ Whitney skin and eyes are out now!


Sent on 27/10/19

Attachment: LAQ Ellie, New! (+ monster teeth)
Ellie skin eyes and eyelashes + Monster teeth out now at LAQ!


Sent on 15/10/19

Attachment: LAQ Lina, New! (+ updates)
LAQ Lina skin is out now, and Next Level skins have updated to BOM!


Sent on 6/10/19

Attachment: LAQ Elvira @ Uber
LAQ Elvira skin products is out now at Athem event!


Sent on 4/9/19

Attachment: LAQ Karlie, New!
New skin Karlie is out now at LAQ!


Sent on 30/8/19

Attachment: LAQ [Belle is out now!]
Belle skin is out now at LAQ!


Sent on 26/8/19

Attachment: LAQ [Eva release!]
New release out now at LAQ!


Sent on 20/8/19

Attachment: LAQ [Leah release!]
Leah product line has now been released at LAQ!


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