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Marketplace link: Third Moon Creations Update Group: Copy Paste the following in local chat: secondlife:///app/group/9d6c1320-6706-75bb-b193-4bee52c56c32/about Theme: Mostly Medieval, Fantasy and sometimes Urban clothing, accessories and decor. VIP Gifts: We offer 1 gift per week to our patrons of Third Moon Creations. Each month's gifts is available throughout the next month only. Later the prices increase and are available at store. Testimonials: I hope you like the product, if you do, send a nc to GiaSLCreations Resident. All such reviews and testimonials will be featured in our blog

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Sent on 27/2/19

Attachment: G!A Updates Feb 2019 - 4th week
Hie Friends, Last day to grab the group gifts for the month. Also new Items on Lucky Boards. Many items for L$1 in various hunts for March. And awesome Ribbon hat for Price Mania. So many Sale...


Sent on 23/2/19

Attachment: G!A Updates Feb 2019 - 3rd week
Hi Friends, remember to grab all the group gifts. Feb 28th is coming soon. Also do read the nc. We have a major revamp of ::G1A:: Love always.


Sent on 3/2/19

Attachment: G!A Updates Feb 2019 - 1st week
Dear Subscribers, the group gift for 1st week is out now. Along with a number of discounted sales at events.


Sent on 8/1/19

Attachment: G!A Updates Jan 2019 - 1st week
Happy New Year. Thanks for the support you have been showering me. - G!a


Sent on 9/7/18

Attachment: TMC - G!A Shopping Bag - Vickie Aztec Outfit
Hi, Vickie Aztec Outfit was made for Vickie Maistone for Burn2 2018 Fashion Show. This outfit will be available to group members for the month of July and to the subscribers as well. Hope you...


Sent on 30/6/18

Attachment: Third Moon Creations - G!A Updates. LAST DAY TO GRAB ALL
Last day to get 250L$ Gift card at MainStore, group gift, Lucky boards, Price Mania, SL15B Gifts and 2 hunt items. They will vanish and be at original prices at midnight SLT. Happy Shopping!


Sent on 20/6/18

Attachment: (none)
The first Group Gift is out now! Beautiful original mesh, materials enabled. Seashells Drop Earrings just to spend your summer in the beaches. Its one of the first Seashell accessories for free to...


Sent on 19/6/18

Attachment: Third Moon Creations - G!A Updates. - June 3rd Week
Group Gift wil be out at 2 am SLT tonight. Plus Grab freebies at SL15B and a Catwa, Omega, System Eye too. Happy Shopping.


Sent on 14/6/18

Attachment: Third Moon Creations - G!A Updates & New Releases - June 2nd W
We have freebies, hunt gifts, discount sales all lined up. Grab them all before June 30th. ๑❇Gia❇๑


Sent on 3/6/18

Attachment: Third Moon Creations - G!A Promo Gift Card
Hi Dear Subscribers of Third Moon Creations - G!A. On the occasion of Grand Re-opening of the store, we are giving a L$250 gift card for free. You can also come to the store to get another gift...