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BooDozer is brand new to performing in SL and relatively new to singing but one listen and you know she is a natural. Encouraged (ok ok yes bullied and pushed) onto the stage by her friends from the recent London Jam, we invite you all to come by and have a listen as Boo croaks her way into your hearts!

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Sent on 13/6/18

Attachment: 1st Chapter Plaza at Angel Falls
If you are bored ain 3 mins, I have a set at 1st Chapter! :)


Sent on 9/6/18

Attachment: LUNAR LOUNGE - BALLROOM, Nirvana Island
Come to Boodozer's fabtasticle experience at Lunar Lounge at 3pm SLT if you have nothing better to do. :)


Sent on 6/6/18

Attachment: 1st Chapter Plaza at Angel Falls
Come see/hear BOODOZER LIVE AT 1ST CHAPTER PLAZA if you are bored. If you get this message it means I have used my subscribo for the first time and it now works! YAY! XX

Sent on 5/6/18

Attachment: (none)
Just to let you all know I'll be on holiday in USA from 18th June - 2nd July 2018 so if you would like to rob my house you know I won't be here. :)


Sent on 15/11/17

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Bood singing today live at Cafe'


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