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Sent 4 days, 1 hour ago

Attachment: *NEW* release today
*NEW* release check notecard <3


Sent 3 weeks ago

Attachment: .Swan. NEW
hello! Please keep the new LM of the mainstore <3


Sent 1 month ago

Attachment: .Swan. *NEW* for Trunk Show
*NEW* for the Trunk Show, check notecard <3


Sent on 12/2/18

Attachment: .Swan. *NEW* release for Sense Event
Hai! Check notecard for new releases <3


Sent on 7/1/18

Attachment: furiosa_001
*NEW* release, a special for fans of mad Max and Furiosa <3


Sent on 17/12/17

Attachment: .Swan.
New Release! Adored Ring bento rigged for Maitreya! <3 Check LM and

Sent on 13/12/17

Attachment: (none)
the Tea Ring is now updated for Bento <3 http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Webhost/225/127/26


Sent on 6/11/17

Attachment: .Swan. Fruit Basket ad
Today at le Six! <3


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