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Sent on 29/3/19

Attachment: *TD* PATIENCE SKIN - Skin Applier HUD
Many thanks for your loyalty and patience while I'm stuck in RL matters. You're precious <3


Sent on 7/10/18

Attachment: ToddleeDoo - Pennywise (IT) Face Tattoo
Just a basic Pennywise Inspired Face Tatoo, in case you miss it for your Halloween Costumes! CAUTION this is HORRORIFIC!


Sent on 4/10/18

Attachment: *TD* Witch Gloss - Applier HUD
waiting Halloween... DESPERATELY!


Sent on 28/8/18

Attachment: Animations for Bento Heads
Update on the Bento Animation Tools: added the sucking thumb animation in LOOP as a wearable object. You can also find this box at

Sent on 21/8/18

Attachment: Sucking Thumb and others
<3 only for you


Sent on 14/8/18

Attachment: (none)
Hi my Favourite ToddleeDoos, make sure you got all teh gift inside the Subscriber! It's full and it will be cleaned soon!


Sent on 12/7/18

Attachment: *TD* Manicure Short Nails - Applier HUD
....yes, I know, I leaving for the beach but I'm not so rude to let you without a beauty treatment! Enjoy the perfect summer manicure :)


Sent on 2/3/18

Attachment: *TD* Bubbly UltraPierced ElvenEars
A Gift for your Fantasy Side. Enjoy


Sent on 22/2/18

Attachment: (none)
Please stop to the Mainstore and get the latest Subscriber gifts! Don't miss them!

Sent on 17/2/18

Attachment: *TD* Simple Short Nails - Applier HUD
sperimental Short Nails.


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