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 Arcadian Rapture
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Arcadian Rapture provides quality mesh and materials for your second life. Our sections include full perm mesh, full perm textures, skyboxes and furniture, and a men's clothing section.

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Sent on 9/10/21

Attachment: NEW @ Arcadian Rapture 10/9/21
Arcadian Rapture is happy to announce its new Remastered lines, featuring over 10,000 new products!


Sent on 16/11/18

Attachment: Closing Sale - ARS FP Mesh/Textures 0-99L Sale
10,000 Products at 0-99L. Its been years of work and upkeep, and after 5 million linden in upload fees and rent, its just time to take a break. Thank you for everything, and enjoy!


Sent on 19/5/18

Attachment: ARS Sale and Information: 99L Closing Sale Sale
Final 36 Hours - What a MESH! 99L Full Perm Closing Sale Moving/Renovating/Opening new sim! We need to close. Free Gift: Free new products! Gift crate at entrance. Featuring some new magic...


Sent on 11/11/17

Attachment: ARS Sale and Information Card 11/8/17
Arcadian Rapture Station is a cyberpunk art deco space station that provides a large mall, clubs, hotels, education and MUCH more! We are aiming to bring the best of SL to our visitors, but with...


Sent on 29/12/16

Attachment: AR 2016 Sucks Sale - 80-90% off sale?!
2016 has been a horrible year for everyone. Lets make 2017 a great year! Clearly marked full perm areas are perfect for finding great gifts to brighten up the end of the year, and all vendors...


Sent on 3/12/16

Attachment: AR Black Friday Blowout - 50L 80-90% off sale?!
Final day of our black friday deals for all you stragglers out there! Stop by for the best deals of the year!


Sent on 25/11/16

Attachment: AR Black Friday Blowout - 50L 80-90% off sale?!
Black Friday Blowout: 50L Sale?! (80-95% off?!) What are we at AR thankful for? You. That is why, for a short time... Our entire 1500 item stock is going to an insane 50L. Get the best material...


Sent on 12/11/16

Attachment: Arcadian Rapture Station: FP Mesh, Clothing, Skyboxes, and More
Check out our new releases along with free gifts around the store along with a secret sale. All large sets have been brought down to 299 per set (of ~10-30 meshes, depending on the set.) Find our...


Sent on 29/10/16

Attachment: Arcadian Rapture Final 99L Sale! Full Perm
We have loved bringing super affordable full perm mesh and materials to SL - however, we are a business. This will be the last time we have everything at 49-99L! After this sale everything will...


Sent on 4/10/16

Attachment: Arcadian Rapture Item Retirement 99L Sale! Full Perm
Arcadian Rapture's 49-99L Sale ends tonight! We are uploading more but constrained by fees! Come help us out and get some great new items for low prices. :)


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