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Sent on 12/8/19

Attachment: [Demonic] Update 8/12/19
GACHAS out at in-world store, GOOD LUCK! <3 Rhi


Sent on 6/2/19

Attachment: [Demonic] New 2/6/19
New Tattoos!!!! <3


Sent on 9/11/18

Attachment: [Demonic] New 11/9/18
Hello demons! New tattoos are here! Stay evil>:) -Rhi


Sent on 16/8/18

Attachment: [Demonic] New 8/16/18
Hey guys! New cyborg face tats and a gacha full of roleplay style tats! -Rhi


Sent on 2/6/18

Attachment: [Demonic] Gachas 6/1/18
I have set up the old tattoo gachas! They will only be up for a limited time <3 Rhi


Sent on 7/5/18

Attachment: [Demonic] New 5/7/18
Hey guys! New tattoos! Check it out. <3 Rhi


Sent on 7/2/18

Attachment: [Demonic] New 2/7/18
New stuff! Gacha and face tats! <3Rhi


Sent on 10/11/17

Attachment: [Demonic] New 11/10/17
Hello Demons! Check out the new stuff! <3 Rhi


Sent on 15/10/17

Attachment: [Demonic] New 10/15/17
Hey everyone. Re-releasing some older tats with new appliers and alterations. Check it out! Just in time for halloween<3


Sent on 8/9/17

Attachment: [Demonic] New 9/8/17
Hey you guys! New stuff!


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