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Sent 3 weeks, 5 days ago

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares MEGA FANTASY FAIRE ED 4/22/2022
FANTASY FAIRE IS HERE!!! Check out the nc for all the glorious goodies!!! Dragonia <3


Sent 1 month ago

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 4/18/2022
Hey!! Hope everyone had a good weekend. Check out the nc for news about Uber, Ostara's Altar, Shiny Shabby, Fantasy Faire & gifts! Dragonia


Sent on 27/3/22

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 3/27/2022
I am a guest designer at Uber this month! TONS of events going on. Please read the nc for more info ♥ Dragonia


Sent on 4/3/22

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 3/4/2022
New Release today & new items added to the store. Check out the nc for all the info! Dragonia


Sent on 19/2/22

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 2/19/2022
Hey guys! Sorry for being so quiet. I have a new cottage, 2 hunt gifts & a new VIP GG. Check out the nc for all the details & landmarks. Dragonia


Sent on 14/1/22

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 1/14/2022
Welcome to a new year, a new store AND a new gift! Please read the nc for all the details! Dragonia ♥


Sent on 7/1/22

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 1/7/2022
New Release today, time to get a fresh new house for the new year! Check out the nc for all the details. Dragonia


Sent on 23/12/21

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 12/23/2021
4 gifts await you and a new cottage! Please read the in-coming nc, you won't want to miss it! Happy Holidays! Dragonia ♥


Sent on 3/12/21

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 12/3/2021
Hey guys!!! New cozy cottage released today. Check out the nc for all the details. Have a great weekend! Dragonia


Sent on 5/11/21

Attachment: Dragon Magick Wares 11/5/2021
Hey Guys!! Lots of new items in the store and another hunt! Please read the nc for all details! Have a great weekend, Dragonia


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