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Sent on 2/2/17

Attachment: darkendStare. thanatos gacha ad
darkendStare. Thanatos Gacha now out at The Gacha Garden!

Sent on 30/4/16

Attachment: darkendStare. Sheeplings Gacha @ The Gacha Garden
New Sheeplings Gacha coming to Gacha Garden tonight @ 12am SLT!


Sent on 15/2/16

Attachment: NEW darkendStare. didyme collars @ Kawaii Project <3
darkendStare. didyme collars now availabel @ Kawaii Project <3


Sent on 16/1/16

Attachment: darkendStare. dornroschen dress @ kawaii project
new darkendStare. dornröschen dress @ kawaii project <3


Sent on 15/12/15

Attachment: monster boots & sheepy earmuffs @ Kawaii Project!
darkendStare. monster boots and sheepy earmuffs @ Kawaii Project!


Sent on 16/11/15

Attachment: darkendStare. The Cattening gacha key
darkendStare. The Cattening Gacha @ Kawaii Project. Available Now!

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