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Subscriber for **DSO** Designs by Starla Oconner Store. No group, just a subscriber cause ya know... groups are limited and it sucks picking and choosing. I try to update at least once a week with at least a little bit on what I'm doing, maybe a preview and most definitely a gift on occasion.

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Sent on 15/12/20

Attachment: **DSO** New Release - Dec 15 2020
**DSO** Newness for 12/15/20 New BoM Dinkie Eyes!! New Table Decor items..... New biggie dress... New Norse Belt!! Check out the NC!


Sent on 24/10/20

Attachment: **DSO** New Release 10/24/20
Heya peoples!! Got Another New release! Lysana Dress... check out the NC!


Sent on 8/4/20

Attachment: **DSO** New Release - 4/8/20
**DSO** Newness! New stuff for the CasperTech Grid-wide Easter Hunt! Sneak Peek of Fantasy Faire outfits! Limo:

Sent on 26/2/20

Attachment: **DSO** New Release 2-26-20
Subscriber update from **DSO** for Twisted & Steam Hunts that start March 1st! The attached NC also has new releases in it!!


Sent on 26/12/19

Attachment: **DSO** New Release for 12/26/19
New Dinkie Eyes from **DSO** Check out the Note I sent out!


Sent on 21/12/19

Attachment: **DSO** New Location! 12/21/19
Hey Lookie! New location for **DSO** And I'll be doing my best to get a couple new releases out this week!


Sent on 4/11/18

Attachment: **DSO** New Release - 11/03/18
Incoming NC of Newness from **DSO**! It includes outfits for Dinkies, Men and Women as well as hunt info! Love ya lots! Store SLurl:

Sent on 16/9/18

Attachment: **DSO** New Release - Dinky Claws
Heya! Lookie! Something else new from **DSO** Dinky & Tiny Claws!


Sent on 16/6/18

Attachment: **DSO** New Release - 6/15/18
Check out the attached Notecard for whats new at **DSO**! Sales event, New Releases, and two free hunts... hmmm... lots of mischief to be found.

Sent on 26/3/18

Attachment: **DSO** New Release for 03/26/18
Sorry if you get this twice, but Lookie! I got something new out! Another new outfit coming soon (I'm already working on it and it will be out next week)