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Eclectic Stars- A little bit cheeky, many bits geeky! Tired of the same old boring decorations? Looking for some rated: awesome personal flair? Don't fall victim to boring- see ES! Fun for houses & avatars of all shapes & sizes w/ a unique geek flavor!

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Sent on 2/12/19

Attachment: .: Eclectic Stars :. ADVENT CALENDAR! New items!!
Stars, it's that time of the year! Read the enclosed notecard for all the info on our annual FREE advent calendar, new items in store, hunt gifts, and more! Tell your family, tell your friends,...


Sent on 14/11/19

Attachment: .: Eclectic Stars :. - We've MOVED! New location
Yes you read that correctly! For the first time in our 6+ year history, Eclectic Stars - the geekiest store on the grid - has moved! We have fond memories of our time on Sunspot on the mainland...


Sent on 30/11/18

Attachment: Eclectic Stars Advent Calendar starts TOMORROW!
Hello stars! The official Eclectic Stars Advent Calendar starts TOMORROW! Free and awesome! See the notecard for all the info!


Sent on 4/5/18

Attachment: May the Fourth be with you! From .: Eclectic Stars :.
It's that time of year again, our favorite geek holiday! We have *so much* going on in store and across the grid right now- new releases, gifts, hunt prizes, coming soon... *waves hand in...


Sent on 25/5/17

Attachment: .: Eclectic Stars :. celebrates Star Wars 40th with 40L deals!
DID YOU KNOW?! It's the 40th anniversary of the first release of Star Wars: A New Hope! This is a sufficiently geeky cause for celebration according to me! So for the rest of today, 5/25/17, ALL...


Sent on 18/9/15

Attachment: .: Eclectic Stars :. NEW FREEBIE, new stuffs 9-18-15
Greetings Stars! We have an awesome new gift in store especially for the DOCTOR WHO new season this weekend! And so much more! Read the nc for all the info!


Sent on 12/4/15

Attachment: .: Eclectic Stars :. - FREE GIFT, etc 4-11-15
Winter is Coming....and it brings a free gift! Tonight's the big night geeks - Game of Thrones season 5 premieres! I've put out a new, very relevant gift (group, free to join) to celebrate. See...


Sent on 27/7/14

Attachment: .: Eclectic Stars :. Free gifts and news! 7-27
Greetings stars! Tons of news! Cute new freebies and dollarbies in store! What are you waiting for?! Read the notecard for the good stuff! <3


Sent on 26/4/14

Attachment: ECLECTIC STARS - Chock full o' news!
The title says it all! There is so much going on right now! Read the notecard so you don't miss the awesomeness! <3 Jadziyah


Sent on 28/2/14

Attachment: .: Eclectic Stars :. 2-28 Delicious new releases!
Greetings Stars! Soooo much awesome new stuff going on in store! Read the nc for all the hot news! <3


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