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Sent 1 week, 5 days ago

Attachment: Fallen Gods Inc. 12th Anniversary
Hello everyone~! My most recent release for WLRP is now in store, same discount price until the next one comes out. I'm also at Fallen Gods 12th Anniversary market with Zodiac inspired star...


Sent 3 weeks, 3 days ago

Attachment: We <3 Role-Play
Hello everyone! If you haven't already heard or seen, I am in the current round of We <3 RP! This round features the newest (possibly last?) of my 'metal strings' tattoo collection, in silver,...


Sent on 29/4/19

Attachment: :[Even~Tide]: @ Fantasy Faire
Phew! April is always a busy month for me. So busy, I realized I STILL hadn't reminded about the Fantasy Faire! If you haven't yet been, do so soon! It's a huge fund raiser for RFL, tons of...


Sent on 3/3/19

Attachment: :[Even~Tide]:
Hello! By request! Strings of Gold is now in the main store redone in SILVER and COPPER! Want face tattoos to match? I'll announce those tomorrow. ;) Strings of Metal tattoos are currently 25%....


Sent on 5/2/19

Attachment: The Underdog Event - Starts Feb 1st!
Hello, hello! Right now, :[Even~Tide]: is happy to be in two events! (shocker, I know.) WLRP has the NEW Strings of Gold tattoo (

Sent on 13/11/18

Attachment: (none)
Hey, hey! Miss me? Real Life ate me alive after Fantasy Fair, but I'm trying to get back into the swing. As such, I've just listed a new product for FREE to the first 50 people to grab it! Enjoy...


Sent on 27/4/18

Attachment: Fantasy Faire 2018!
Phew! RL has been so busy, only now can I sit long enough to announce, FANTASY FAIRE IS OPEN! I have all new FF Exclusive Releases this year, but the Silent Auctions ends Sat. 28th! So grab the NC...


Sent on 2/4/18

Attachment: Fairelanders Called To Action
Hello, hello! If you haven't yet heard, this year is the TEN YEAR anniversary for RFL Fantasy Faire! As worlds are being built and creations are being brought to life, we learn that something new...


Sent on 9/3/18

Attachment: Medieval Fantasy Fair 2018
Hello, hello! The Medieval Fantasy Faire has opened, and :[Even~Tide]: is making a small showing with some new and old releases, all at discounted prices. Swing through the fair, look for hunt...


Sent on 15/1/18

Attachment: The Underdog Event - Jan 14th to Feb.16th
Hello, hello! Just this weekend I was unexpectedly invited to join a fairly new event called 'Underdog'. As a last minute call in, I've put up Magical and Cyber (soon to be discounted for the...


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