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Let's talk. Let's design together! Est. 2006 Custom wedding rings, engraving, etc. Beautifully made or custom style collars with OC scripts, Lots of Pride Jewelry Necklaces, Earrings, Bracelets, Anklets, Armbands, Piercings and more Gold, Silver, Diamonds, Gems, Rainbow.... bling, color change. Most items unscripted unless specified. Come check out the store. Join the group for updates, sales, and free gifts.

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Sent on 21/11/21

Attachment: .:Glint:. Orange Blossom flower bracelet & ring
Hello lovely Gems!! SO I was gone for a while again, Lots of RL craziness happened.. but I am BACK! I have put out a group gift for November.. Just a cute little fall colors flower bracelet and...


Sent on 6/10/21

Attachment: .:Glint:. Pumpkin Man on your head Group gift
Hi Lovely Gems :) The october group gift is in the main store at the entrance for anyone not in the group that would like to join. I am sending it out to all that are in the group already. A...


Sent on 2/10/21

Attachment: (none)
Come to .:Glimt:. and grab this awesome hunt item I have for you this Halloween. A special set of eyes!!! Come check them out!! Heres your HINT If your time is spent wisely you get a surprise but...


Sent on 6/9/19

Attachment: .:Glint:. Gift Card L$250 Boxed
I know I have been in and out alot, as RL takes up alot of my time. I usually send out gifts to you guys once a month, but I would like to try something different :) From now on all group members...


Sent on 17/7/19

Attachment: .:Glint:. Mainstream Blue eyes Set 1
Hello lovely Gems :) As Always, sorry for RL keeping me away from creating new things more right now. I finally got my newest set of eyes done. This set is all Blues, but there will be Greens and...


Sent on 30/3/19

Attachment: .:Glint:. Horse walker eyes
My latest set of eyes!! Brand new in store now. But for all my lovely gems that stick with me through all my RL interference... You get them as a group gift :) Cause I LOVE Ya'll Opinions and/or...


Sent on 12/12/17

Attachment: Glint Christmas 2017
A little Christmas card from Glint jewelry. We want to thank you all for your support. Come down to the store for some great deals on some new items :) Have a lovely Christmas everyone! Rainbow


Sent on 12/7/17

Attachment: GLINT Monthly sales rooms info
Hello beautiful gems :) Check out this note card for info and pics of the items Glint has out in some sales events around SL. Enjoy :)


Sent on 10/2/17

Attachment: .:Glint:. Around the grid weekly updates Feb 9 - Feb 16 2017
Hello lovely Gems :)) This weeks around the grid card is ready . Pictures, Landmarks, info. All in one place. I really hope these have been helpful to you all :) Holler if ya need...


Sent on 9/2/17

Attachment: .:Glint:. Forever love wedding set - Ruby
Hello Gems :) Our new wedding ring set comes with a set compatible for Bento hands! ON SALE until Valentines day for 500L :) Male and femal rings included. Tranfer only.


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