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.: Fujiwara's World :. is a fashion store that realize dresses and accessories for humans and furries, in our store you can find lucky board, group gifts, sales, events and hunts.

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Sent on 6/2/18

Attachment: .: Fujiwara's World :. at Furry Fashion
Hello and thanks for following .: Fujiwara's World :. I want to let you know that I'm fixing some problems on my items, if you receive a pack it's because I sent it trough the redelivery! If you...


Sent on 12/5/16

Attachment: .: FW :. Freshy Mouthy
Hi guys two new group gift in store ~ One is for this group, and one is for the SL F&O group! You know that both the group are free to join, so enjoy your gifts! kisses, Saixina Taxi:

Sent on 5/5/16

Attachment: .: Fujiwara's World :. Mainstore
Hi guys and girls :D The new mainstore is now open! You can still use the old landmark for come or save this new one :) Thank you for your insterest, I hope you'll like the new store <3 kisses,...


Sent on 28/4/16

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Hi <3 Fujiwara's World mainstore will not be available during these days cause a restyle we are doing to the Rakuen~ I hope you all will like it :D after the restyle we'll start a spring hunt...


Sent on 27/9/15

Attachment: .: Fujiwara's World :. Mainstore
Hello guys & girls, we are moving the Tengoku no Rakuen ♥ It's a flying city so it's normal~ This is the new landmark, I made some changes into the store moving some vendors ♥ hope you like it...


Sent on 5/9/15

Attachment: .: Fujiwara's World :. Mainstore
I'm doing a retirement sale for all my old things/not original or handmade. Prices start from 10L$ to 50L$, tehre are 4 gacha for sale too. Thanks for Following ♥


Sent on 28/2/15

Attachment: .: Fujiwara's World :. Mainstore
Hello ♥ Some of my old vendors are now updated with omega appliers: ~ Milk Tops ~ Sushi Animals Price is not changed. Kisses, Saixina.


Sent on 27/12/14

Attachment: .: FW :. PlatFlat Fatpack
Hello! This is my last release, a pair of cute shoes that comes is 6 different colors, 3 different pair each pack: for slink flat feet, kemono human feet and a pair with resize script. taxi ♥

Sent on 11/12/14

Attachment: .: Fujiwara's World :. Mainstore
Hello all, finally I made an update that include toenails applier for slink! If you have purchased them you can send me a notecard with the transiction history for have them for free (I'm really...


Sent on 27/11/14

Attachment: .: FW :. Un-Tiger Kemono ~
Hi all ♥ This is my new mod for Kemono Avatar. This mod come in six different color, each color cost 75L$ and the fatpack cost 375L$. Remember that this is not a complete avatar but only a...


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