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Customer update group for Eclectic Muse & Maker's Muse

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Sent on 1/3/20

Attachment: {EM} 1L Gacha, Custom Vendors & Gacha Machines, Steam Hunt, ...
check out all that's going on this month at {EM}! * MM * will be updated soon :) ♥ Penny


Sent on 17/9/19

Attachment: * MAKER'S MUSE * News, offers & LM's Sept 17, 2019
Full Perm Fair exclusives, group gift x2 + other gifts & offers 25% off everything at the Full Perm Fair - group gift different than the one at Mainstore. Sim opening hunt still going - 4-store,...


Sent on 19/7/14

Attachment: Steamhaven - Whimsical Steampunk, Steamhaven (128,128,25)
Whatcha doin' tonight? You ARE coming to the party, aren't you? You know you want to.... 6-10pm SLT ~TONIGHT~ we're celebrating the opening of our new sim, Steamhaven (yaaaaaay!!!!) We have at...


Sent on 15/7/14

Attachment: {Eclectic Muse} Mainstore at Steamhaven (167, 107, 24)
OMG I'm a moron! I've been so busy building the new sim and rebranding the store that I forgot to TELL you that I was building a new sim and rebranding the store.... Gothic's Musing is becoming...


Sent on 26/5/14

Attachment: ~ New Full-Perm Mad Tea Party at * WAM! WHAT A MESH! * ~
~ NEW! Full-Perm Mad Tea Party at * WAM! WHAT A MESH! * ~ Make an imaginative Mad Tea Party with 10 new Full Perm sets! Get them up to 50% off only until May 29. Details and LM in notecard.


Sent on 31/12/13

Attachment: * WAM! WHAT A MESH! *, Builders (67, 58, 25)
* WAM! WHAT A MESH * is moving! The rocket scientists at Builder's Courtyard have decided to close the sim TODAY for remodelling... so it's moving. The good news? Kat Alderson of Clutter gave...


Sent on 29/12/13

Attachment: End of the Year Sales & Gifts * WAM! & GOTHIC'S MUSING *
Holy holidays, Batman! LOTS going on at * GOTHIC'S MUSING * and * WAM! WHAT A MESH! * - see the notecard for pictures and details. Enjoy your SL, ♥ Gothic


Sent on 24/12/13

Attachment: Happy Holidays from Gothicmuse * GOTHIC'S MUSING/WAM! *
My Holiday gift to you -- Please read the notecard inside - I truly mean it. Happy Holidays! ♥ Gothic


Sent on 5/10/13

Attachment: * NEWS & gifts from Gothic's Musing & WAM! * Oct 5, 2013
Hi everyone! Just finished an update with all the news at GOTHIC'S MUSING and WAM!, plus look inside the notecard for a fullperm gift! ♥ Gothic


Sent on 14/7/13

Attachment: * NEWS & gifts from Gothic's Musing & WAM! *
Hello to all my muses and inspirations! It's hotter than the hinges where I am, so I took a quick break to update you... Gift inside the notecard, so don't just toss it! ;) Hope you're doing...


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