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Sent on 13/10/18

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::New 10/13/2018
Hi everyone! i have been super busy to bring you all new releases for the fall. Out now in the store are 2 new releases. Todays is the Branwen Dress. see the notecard for details.


Sent on 8/1/17

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::@Suicide Dollz
Hey everyone! I know many of you are impatietly awaiting a new release in the store. I have been super busy with event items but i am working on something. But today Solstice has an exclusive new...


Sent on 13/12/16

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::Pazuzu Eyes for CATWA
Hi everyone! I have another new set of eyes for CATWA out now! This Exorcist inspired eye set is creepy and unique. I hope you really enjoy these!


Sent on 21/11/16

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::Parker Boots & New Group Gifts
Hello Subscribers! There is a new release in the store! Parker Boots. A pair of boots with several bright color choices! There are also 2 Group Only Gift Items.


Sent on 21/10/16

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::. New Release 10/21/2016
Hey everyone! Solstice has a new release out now! A cute and creepy little pair of demon horns awaits! see the notecard for details!


Sent on 10/10/16

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::. New Release 10/10/2016
Hi everyone! ::{Solstice}::. is ready for the fall with a new release. Check out these Eerie Sweaters in the store now!


Sent on 7/10/16

Attachment: Buy Now - {Biweekly} 10.7
Hey everyone .::{Solstice}::. is participating in BUY NOW 10.7!! Check the incoming notecard for a full list of designers and links!


Sent on 20/9/16

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::. Lithia Horns
Hi everyone! A new release is waiting for you now! A pair of mesh horns with an occult feature! Have a look at the details on the incoming notecard.


Sent on 12/9/16

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::. September Gift Panties(OMEGA)
Hey guys! i made a little gift for the subscribers! Its a pair of panties! enjoy!


Sent on 11/9/16

Attachment: .::{Solstice}::. Carnival Tights
Hi everyone!! New release @ Solstice! Out now! Check out these new Carnival Tights!


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